WW2 Changelog: Preview v9 - 2016-07-13

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Preview v9 - 2016-07-13


  • Fixed: removed optional mods from depdendencies.
  • Fixed: re-added deleted cfgPatches class - always keep as dummy!


  • Updated: Hide mods.


  • Fixed: missing displayName string.


  • Fixed: enabled model definitions previously not ported.

Tech details

  • Updated: requiredAddons.
  • Updated: units[] definition.
  • Updated: CfgAddons.
  • Fixed: cfgPatches naming.
  • Added: new penetration material definitions by Shvetz.
  • Fixed: helmet base class is to have scope=0.
  • Fixed: updated list of preloaded addons.
  • Fixed: magazines are to have scope=2.
  • Fixed: scope value for two logics.
  • Changed: moved assets from CA\ to WW2_CA\ container.
  • Changed: moved icons from CA\ to WW2\ container.