WW2 Changelog: Preview v36 - 2019-05-22

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Preview v36 - 2019-05-22



  • AltReloads for bolt action rifles (reloading animation depends on the number of bullets still in the magazine)
  • PanzerFausts are now disposable and must be prepared by pressing reload button thanks to reyhard!
  • Destroyed tanks will not turn into wreck models anymore but stay in their actual combat state (turret orientation, gun elevation, dead crew, skin and other customization)
  • Added EDEN attribute to compatible tanks and SdKfz 234 Puma allowing to turn them into turret less wrecks (set to 0 health to prevent mission start explosion)
  • Fixed Pak40 and StuG sights limits
  • Fixed Zis3 gun zeroing actually works again
  • Fixed Static AT guns were getting vanilla A3 zeroing on-top of the scripted solution causing a conflict
  • Corrected broken sights animations on StuG III, Pak 40 and Zis-3 gun
  • StuG III, Pak40 and Zis3 gun sights didn't work in MP. This is a band-aid fix and the sights lose a bit of their fine aim tuning (in multiplayer only) but will hopefully be improved with backend Arma engine changes
  • Greatly improved bayonet hit detection. Previously some 'hits' would skim by the target dealing no damage, their path has been corrected and will now hit as intended
  • Slight improvement to bayonet hit detection - should be more reliable when very close to the target
  • Fixed bayonet hit detection while on sloped terrain


  • Tweaked recoil on SMGs, lowered for Sten (as it uses MP40 recoil as a base now rather than Thompson)
  • New recoil for 1928/A1 Thompson as those are fitted with a compensator
  • Fixed FG42 accuracy was inverted (full auto is open bolt and should be less accurate than semi, which is closed)
  • Historically accurate sights for Shermans and Stuart tanks thanks to petrtlach from CSA38!


  • AI will now dismount from static weapons if they detect enemy infantry within short range of them, so they actually defend themselves
  • Fixed bad AI tank movement thanks to Stardust and Gunter Severloh! (due to faulty component inheritance definition for tanks)


  • New bolt action animations thanks to GSTAVO!


  • German watch and compass items (standard and degrees variant), can be used instead of the default Arma 3 ones
  • Three new Willys Jeep variants (Hooded, mounted M1919A4 light machine gun, Medical)
  • Churchill Mk. VII thanks to GuyThomas from I44 Team!
  • Three new Churchill Mk. VII variants (AVRE, Crocodile, 95mm Howitzer) and Winter version


  • Custom waypoint AmphibiousAssault - makes the AI head towards land at full speed and deploys infantry. Speed boost can be disabled with 'thisVehicle setVariable ["LIB_EnableAISpeedBoost",false]'


  • Improved: static line script now has new animations when leaving the plane. Paratroopers will also have a semi random 'spin' from leaving the plane. Landed parachutes are now correctly positioned relative to the unit.
  • Improved: static drop line script detects if a parachute is equipped and removes it (as it causes the AI to open two parachutes).
  • Improved: towed anti-tank/artillery guns no longer sink into the ground and respect terrain height.
  • Improved: wheels of towed guns now move again, and will move backwards if moving backwards.
  • Improved: bayonet stabbing SFX is now audible by other players.
  • Improved: vehicle reload indicator now works when switching magazine type.
  • Fixed: reload indicator was incorrect when reloading after emptying a magazine.
  • Fixed: pilots flying off course like idiots when a static drop is being performed.
  • Fixed: manual bagpipe could break music selection (discard selected music when choosing manual play).


  • Updated: UK showcase with new assets and polish soldiers thanks to Jaki!


  • Added: G41 is now able to mount the K98k bayonet.
  • Changed: added initspeed definitions to Gewehr 33/40, lowering muzzle velocity compared to the K98k.
  • Changed: added initspeed definitions to the M38/M44 carbines, lowering their MV compared to the full length Mosin rifle.
  • Changed: allowedSlots on panzerfaust 'magazines' so you can ready it without needing a backpack.
  • Changed: adjusted Ballistics on .303 British and changed the cartridge to use the more similar looking 7.62x54r (placeholder).
  • Fixed: inconsistent dispersion on MP44 firemodes.
  • Fixed: incorrect damage materials were assigned to I44 Shermans.


  • Changed: disabled CUP lamp check.
  • Improved: flamethrower script is no longer scheduled improving performance.
  • Improved: moved bayonet functions to be non-scheduled for better performance.
  • Improved: load times of bagpipe tracks list by caching and condition optimization.
  • Changed: beltRattle and boltSnap scripts to remove the spawned script replacing it with waitAndExecute.


  • Changed: removed irTarget signature again for infantry for the meantime as it causes issues with AI gunner awareness towards infantry.
  • Changed: added AI influence of bagpipe play.
  • Changed: adjusted MG42 infantry AI 'bursts' to reflect those in MG RoF function.
  • Improved: added MG RoF script to vehicle MG42s (statics etc).
  • Improved: AI MG use on MG42 kubelwagen (zamerny memory point was too low).
  • Improved: AI MG use of M1919, MG34, MG42 and Maxim static machineguns (corrected memorypoints).
  • Fixed: missing words in radio protocol for German and Soviet units.


  • Fixed: Tripod M1919 had a tank interior sound upon firing down sights.
  • Fixed: Attenuation between driver/gunner and cargo on universal carrier in ACRE.




  • Added: 4 stretcher animations.
  • Added: static line static postures of free falling paratroopers.


  • Updated: El Alamein thanks to swurvin!

+ two new airfields at opposite sides of the map (allied=top right | axis= bottom left) + massive amount of new foot paths for easier AI pathfinding along the perimeter defenses + three new patrol outposts dotted along the footpaths + new footpath road texture + fixed some objects on roads + heightmap fixes and tweaks + new trenches inside the patrol outposts + some minor object placement + two new wooden signs for the patrol bases + new loading picture (pictureMap) + config edits (correct latitude/longitude and mapzone)

  • Added: airport configuration for in on El Alamein thanks to Stardust!
  • Fixed: ilsAzimuthNumber definition for Tobruk thanks to Stardust!
  • Fixed: world coordinates of a Ivached (IF) and most WW2 terrains.


  • Improved: object classification.
  • Improved: I44 radio display names.


  • Added: panzerfaust unit to french resistance.
  • Added: Panzerfaust units to German, Soviet and WP factions.
  • Added: Mk.VIII high-pressure .303 ammunition. currently available to Lee-Enfield rifles and Bren LMG.
  • Added: destroyed turrets models for Churchill, Crusader, Cromwell and SdKfz 234 Puma.
  • Added: Assault role to CfgRoles.
  • Added: Assault role to SMG users.
  • Changed: German units use the Zenith watch and German compass (degrees version) by default.
  • Changed: Sturmtrooper grenadiers now use STG44 with grenade launcher instead of K98k (for something different).
  • Improved: getting out of upside down mortars wont rocket launch you into low orbit.
  • Improved: JS2 43 engine capabilities thanks to DontShootMe!
  • Improved: all vehicles PiP view angles.
  • Improved: German SC bombs textures.
  • Improved: tanks destroyed turrets now have a damaged effect.
  • Improved: made names of HitPoint classes in turrets unique (allows customized damage per turret).
  • Improved: added PiP mirror to SdKfz 251.
  • Improved: added weaponPoolAvailable=0 to used launcher classes.
  • Improved: added missing role, icon and picture definition for infantry classes.
  • Fixed: No longer get thrown into the air when dismounting a static weapon sometimes.
  • Fixed: King Tiger war invisible over distance.
  • Fixed: Willys jeep headlights were invisible.
  • Fixed: Lafette mounted MG34 and Lafette mounted MG42 gun now turns as expected no matter the distance (animations broke in LOD2 and up).
  • Fixed: incorrect model for Para and Bowed helmets (due to faulty inheritance on Polish brigade helmets).
  • Fixed: Zeroing for static machineguns.
  • Fixed: Reset some planes default loadouts to correct positions:

+ Added pylon def for LIB_US_P39 + Added pylon def for LIB_US_NAC_P39 + Set default loadout as US500

  • Fixed: Crusader commander could not get in anymore if he ejected from turnout position.
  • Fixed: all DAK shorts uniforms were gefreiter.
  • Fixed: DAK grenadier uniform again (real, not fake).
  • Fixed: in Zis-5V, US6, GMC and Opel Blitz trucks, rear passengers could teleport in the cabin from action menu.
  • Fixed: Incorrect backpack on soviet Bazooka soldier.
  • Fixed: M1A1 and TMI42 mines were too far underground.
  • Fixed: reduce drivingwheel angle on Austin K5.
  • Fixed: SdKfz 251 (1x MG variant) had one extra cargo position in config than in model.
  • Fixed: SOV assault units are no sappers.
  • Fixed: Soviet radio operator was an engineer when they shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed: UK mechanized infantry group size.
  • Fixed: Zis-3 had no resolution LODs.
  • Fixed: Kubelwagen, Willys jeeps, GMC trucks, Austin K5, Opel Blitz trucks, US6 and BM13 trucks, Universal Carrier PiP acted like a rear camera and not a mirror.
  • Fixed: Zis-5v 61k had no PiP.
  • Fixed: missing boats icons.
  • Fixed: FFV version of the scout car sight was folded down.
  • Fixed: Pilot was missing from parachutes shadow with type-5 parachute.
  • Fixed: faulty "MachineGunner" role assignment.
  • Fixed: incorrect hiddenSelections definition of DAK Soldier classes.
  • Fixed: missing launcher used model for editor placement (Weapon_LIB_PzFaust_60m_used).


  • Fixed: faulty public scope of reskinned vehicles.
  • Fixed: destroyed tanks turrets hiddenSelections.


  • Fixed: AustinK5 was missing rear wheels on the custom HUD.


  • Added: Function for deploying landing craft, [_vehicle,true] call WW2_Fnc_Boats_deployUnits causes the vehicle to open ramps and deploy AI, false closes ramps.
  • Added: Functions for alternative reloads, allowing for multiple reload animations for weapons.
  • Added: LIB_Towing_AttachDetection config parameter for setting the offset for towing detection, mostly used for the 61k which has its tow hitch on the front rather than the back.
  • Added: invisible square for debugs or specific attachTo usage.
  • Added: waitAndExecute function, defaults to CBA if available.
  • Improved: Changed perFramehandler to default to CBAs when available.
  • Improved: Bayonet script is no longer hard coded to use 'player' unit, allowing for scripted AI or other usage.
  • Fixed: waitandExec would break with multiple uses (notably breaking bayonets).
  • Fixed: Bayonet perFrame handler would sometimes not intialize in multiplayer.
  • Fixed: Don't run static line script if unit isn't local.
  • Fixed: LIB_Core_PFHhandles wasn't being updated for removed perFrame handlers.
  • Fixed: duration data type in cfgMusic.
  • Fixed: invalid config parameter type for Towing_Wheels - has to be array.


  • Changed: destroyed turrets can now be found in EDEN under "turret" keyword - not "tower" anymore.
  • Fixed: editor category for wrecks.
  • Fixed: missing scope definitions for ammo boxes.
  • Fixed: faulty public scope of LIB_US6_BM13_w_DLV.




  • Improved: strings for used launchers.
  • Improved: display names of some radios.
  • Fixed: string of UK binocular object.
  • Fixed: faulty SOV assault units translation.




  • Fixed: missing scopeCurator=2 for ACRE radio classes.




  • Changed: adjusted Towing script to use new attachment parameter.
  • Changed: tanks destroyed turrets now inherit from LIB_Vehicle_Parts_X_base:ThingX.
  • Improved: Flamethrower script flame lifetime is no longer hard coded and can be set as a parameter. Also backpack check can be set to be ignored (for vehicle flamethrowers).
  • Improved: ACE_Turret animation source to all compatible tanks and SdKfz 234 Puma (turrets will blow off when using ACE compatibility).
  • Improved: Armoured Cars have been moved to their own baseclass inheriting from Wheeled_Apc_F to increase compatibility with other mods.
  • Improved: EventHandler inheritance.
  • Improved: inheritance design for LIB_Willys_MB variants.
  • Improved: LIB_ToolKit inheritance definition.
  • Improved: mortar ammo boxes inheritance.
  • Fixed: faulty infantry class inheritance (LIB_GER_stggunner, LIB_SOV_assault_smgunner, SG_sturmtrooper_smgunner).
  • Fixed: incorrect LIB_M1919_Tripod inheritance (LIB_M1919A4_tripod).
  • Fixed: I44 backwards compatibility.


  • Improved: moved many missing strings into xml to allow full translation.
  • Removed: duplicate faction strings.



Tech details

  • Added: new 130mm armor plate bisurf.
  • Added: Config definitions for deployment function.
  • Added: Eventhandlers for reload indicator support.
  • Added: Eventhandlers for reload indicator to AA guns and Rocket launchers.
  • Added: Close combat AI handlers to mortars.
  • Added: Eventhandlers to statics to handle close combat.
  • Added: getOut EH to maxim gun so unit faces correct direction/appropriate animation upon leaving it.
  • Added: InvisibleSquare item config.
  • Added: onUnload for bayonet UI to simplify removal.
  • Added: IF_Common_Handload definition.
  • Added: CfgAnimationSourceSounds definition for boat ramp sounds.
  • Improved: AI will recrew weapons when the danger has cleared.
  • Improved: CQC Static AI now has higher 'danger' range for mortars, making mortar crews dismount if enemies are nearby.
  • Improved: FireArc is ignored for mortar gunners on static weapons, as they cant defend themselves with a mortar.
  • Improved: Gunners of static weapons take weapon arc into account and distance when determining if they should dismount or not. so rushing an MG headon won't make the gunner dismount in terror from your sheer tenacity.
  • Improved: LCI getOuthandler, AI no longer float when running down ramp.
  • Improved: MGRof script can now be used on vehicle weapons.
  • Improved: MGRof script retrieves burst length from weapons config rather than use hard coded values.
  • Improved: Potential collision issues with the plane when jumping out.
  • Improved: Rifle grenade fire handler now saves vars local to the unit rather than global.
  • Improved: Static drop line script detects if a parachute is equipped and removes it (as it causes the AI to open two parachutes).
  • Improved: when exiting landing craft, AI will run away from it (helps especially if they have no other waypoints).
  • Improved: Kubelwagen fireGeometry.
  • Improved: Made LOD selections consistent on 61k, was missing chassis on most lods.
  • Improved: new kurs_mg_hit hitpoints.
  • Improved: SdKfz 234 skeletons.
  • Improved: standardized damage selections across all tanks (dmg_hull, dmg_turret, dmg_gun, dmg_kurs_mg).
  • Improved: standardized destroyed I44 tanks RVMAT.
  • Changed: reverted Pak40 sight definition back to old IF setup.
  • Changed: amended churchill turret rotation speed to a 15 - 20 second 360 degree turn rate.
  • Changed: Churchill's lower front hull armor increased from 100m to 130mm.
  • Changed: disabled missing editor preview image.
  • Changed: landing craft are now configured to use animateSource and use the animation sources built in sounds.
  • Changed: standardized all tanks hitpoints "visual" namedSelections.
  • Changed: Flamethrower eventhandlers to 'call' from 'spawn'.
  • Changed: Increased the danger radius for AI on static weapons (they'll get off them when there's enemies further away than previously).
  • Changed: lowered 'danger' range for static gunners when determining when to dismount due to nearby infantry.
  • Changed: adjusted towing script to use new attachment parameter.
  • Changed: adjusted Bayonet TTL as it's removal is scripted.
  • Changed: Bayonet hitdetection reverted to use old lineIntersect normal for non-Men class objects.
  • Changed: increased delay for bayonet projectile removal.
  • Changed: C47 'jumpPosition' proxy as with changes to the static script paratroopers would occasionally smack into the fuselage.
  • Changed: I44 tanks model.cfg inheritance to avoid any merge issue with WW2 skeletons/anims.
  • Changed: SdKfz 234 Puma skeleton and tanks skeleton to be compatible with turret blow off simulation.
  • Fixed: _melee_hitstart wasn't being passed correctly causing bayonets to deal barely any damage.
  • Fixed: More improvements to the static line script, now has custom animations when leaving the plane.
  • Fixed: changed half-empty lod6 on the 75mm Sherman to an edit lod as it was potentially causing issues.
  • Fixed: destroyed tanks turrets geometry LODs.
  • Fixed: missing wheel_axis' for 61K AAA.
  • Fixed: missing M4A3 75 Sherman, Crusader, Cromwell, SdKfz 234 Puma ACE cookoff memory point.
  • Fixed: missing damageHide animation classes.
  • Fixed: missing damageHide named selections.
  • Fixed: Willys jeep missing proxies in view geometry.
  • Fixed: Willys jeep redundant UVs.
  • Fixed: Willys jeep useless proxies in shadow LODs.
  • Fixed: Stug SightX was using loop when it should have been clamp.
  • Fixed: removed faulty ViewGunner inheritance definition in Truck_F.
  • Fixed: driveOnComponent to be empy for LIB_ArmouredCar_base.
  • Fixed: turrets physX would stop when turrets hit the ground.
  • Fixed: MG kubelwagen and jeep RPT spam.
  • Fixed: weaponInfoType on No.4 RG/Bayonet was still using depreciated weaponInfotype.
  • Removed: Chassis rotation animation from 61k as its depreciated and causes issues.
  • Removed: Depreciated weaponInfotype from No.4.