WW2 Changelog: Preview v35 - 2019-04-13

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Preview v35 - 2019-04-13


Community work overview

You can find recommended community work for the WW2 setting in our wiki finally: http://ww2ina3.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page#Recommended_community_work

The list is still work in progress (especially mods). Anyhow we hope you take a few minutes to look for new toys and goodies, and can appreciate the excellent missions and mods made by many other community modders! Let us know via discord please if you have further recommendations and PM kju if you want a wiki account to contribute. Enjoy all the great WW2 content available!


  • Changed: improved accuracy of Bren and BAR.
  • Changed: made tank tracks 3 times more durable.


  • Added: ILS definitions for AI for Tobruk airfield thanks to Stardust!
  • Updated: Tobruk thanks to iron!
+ Fixed several misplaced objects
+ Fixed outside SAT texture
+ Fixed Marcuca and Hariga locations
+ Fixed two normal maps sections
+ Changed prepared airfield for AI use


  • Changed: sign textures (Tobruk, El Alamein, Benouville) to HQ for better readability.


  • Added: Polish Brigade beret.
  • Added: Polish Brigade helmets.
  • Added: new improved German SC bombs models thanks to Bax!
  • Added: additional groups (for DAK, UK, US and Winter factions) thanks to Tiwaz1994!


  • Fixed: Vehicles no longer give you endless radios when using ACRE/TFAR.
  • Fixed: missing gear weight display for civilians.








  • Improved: AI in statics guns line of sight issues when behind sandbags etc (fixed SensorPosition in model).




  • Fixed: Missing muzzleflash when a muzzle attachment was fitted (rifle grenades, bayonets).


  • Changed: removed all but wind, sea and coast environment sounds from El Alamein.
  • Fixed: missing outside terrain texture in El Alamein.


  • Changed: set armor in Shed base class.
  • Fixed: missing Winter tag for Land_WW2_Foxhole_Winter.


  • Added: mortar bombs to the old mortar ammo boxes.
  • Improved: added missing role, icon and picture definition for infantry classes.
  • Improved: addedAssault role to CfgRoles.
  • Improved: added Assault role to SMG users.
  • Fixed: Soviet radio operator was an engineer when they shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed: all DAK shorts uniforms were Gefreiter.
  • Fixed: faulty weapon for dummy turret of Firefly.
  • Fixed: m1 garand muzzleflash offset when using attachment.
  • Fixed: maximum load on medic backpacks.
  • Fixed: UK medics were missing medical equipment.
  • Fixed: UC cargo couldn't hear driver or gunner in ACRE.
  • Fixed: SOV assault units are no sappers.
  • Fixed: icon and picture for sappers.
  • Fixed: panzerfausts empty models anims.
  • Fixed: removed hiding muzzle flash when muzzle attachment equipped.


  • Fixed: incorrect hiddenSelections definition for several infantry units.




  • Added: waitAndExecute function, defaults to CBA if available.
  • Added: weaponSelect function for changing and selecting firemodes.
  • Improved: changed perFramehandler to default to CBAs when available.
  • Improved: moved bayonet functions to be non-scheduled for better performance.
  • Improved: If the bayonet projectile 'misses', its now deleted.


  • Added: more PP templates thanks to Greenfist!
  • Fixed: faulty public scope of reskinned vehicles (no longer visible in Eden and Zeus).
  • Fixed: disabled missing editor preview images.




  • Improved: display names of some radios.
  • Fixed: string of UK binocular object.
  • Fixed: PWM and No.82 strings in muzzle were swapped.
  • Fixed: Sergeant spelling mistake.




  • Fixed: all ammo boxes should be available now (missing scope definitions).
  • Fixed: all ACRE radio classes should be available now (missing scopeCurator=2).




  • Improved: mortar ammo boxes inheritance (class LIB_AmmoOrd_F: NATO_Box_Base => LIB_AmmoOrdnance_base: LIB_ReammoBox_base).
  • Improved: inheritance of MBG buildings.
  • Improved: base class naming (LIB_Vehicle_Parts => LIB_Vehicle_Parts_base).
  • Changed: IDD on infantry UI to default of 300 for better interface comparability.
  • Fixed: faulty Eventhandler inheritance on static weapons (mostly affects CBA EH).
  • Fixed: faulty Eventhandler inheritance on gamelogics.
  • Fixed: faulty infantry class inheritance:
+ LIB_US_AT_Soldier: LIB_US_MGunner => LIB_US_AT_Soldier: LIB_US_Rifleman
+ LIB_GER_AT_soldier: LIB_GER_mgunner => LIB_GER_AT_soldier: LIB_GER_rifleman
+ LIB_SOV_medic: LIB_SOV_mgunner => LIB_SOV_medic: LIB_SOV_rifleman


  • Improved: Russian translation thanks to PIONEER!
  • Fixed: faulty SOV assault units translation.



Tech details

  • Added: dummy radio class for vehicle radio intercom.
  • Added: firemode handling to riflegrenade/bayonet swap.
  • Added: model.cfg for altReloads (only setup for the no4 currently).
  • Added: muzzleflash memorypoints to bayonets and grenade launchers.
  • Changed: adjusted Bayonet TTL as its removal is scripted.
  • Changed: standardized tanks tracks hitPoints across all models.
  • Changed: adjusted TTL on bayonet projectile.
  • Changed: move model and texture definitions for DAK to the base class.
  • Changed: removed duplicate group string names.
  • Changed: replaced firemode selection script in magazine swap script.
  • Changed: replaced instances of old IDD in tank UI.
  • Changed: more Bayonet adjustments.
  • Fixed: minor code adjustments for bayonets.
  • Fixed: missing portrait definition.