WW2 Changelog: Preview v34 - 2019-03-31

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Preview v34 - 2019-03-21



  • Field manual entries about custom gameplay features
  • Ability to stab with bayonets
  • White phosphorus system
  • Planes pylon loadout customization for Eden thanks to Stardust!
  • Bagpipes with manual play or autoplay from a track list
  • Command cursor for player vehicle commander (only visible in Recruit difficulty or when weapon crosshair difficult option is active)
  • Command fire system as tank commander with AI gunner - with MG do a few seconds burst
  • Ability to command an AI gunner as commander to target a position using "alt" + "LockTarget" key action (as visible arrow in Recruit with weapon cursors active)
  • Made command fire and command target also available when turned out or watching through binocular
  • Completely reworked rifle grenades system
  • PTRD can only be fired when deployed or rested
  • All vehicles now have the extended HUD fully working
  • Hull and wheel damage is now indicated on HUD
  • Engine damage is now indicated on HUD on some vehicle types
  • Reloading indicator in UI works for any position in the vehicle now
  • Working reloading indicator on armored cars, Stummel, Nebelwerfer, LeFH, PAK, and ZIS gun


  • UK faction showcase by Jaki!
  • German Engineering mission update to latest mod version thanks to Jaki!
  • Removed CBA dependency in Airdrop mission


  • Vehicles will be 40% slower when offroad
  • Fixed missing Face and LeftShoulder hitpoints in all uniforms
  • Fixed armour and mass values for Civilian hats, German field caps/officer caps, Polish fieldcaps, Soviet fieldcaps, US caps
  • Grenade shrapnel kill is now attributed to whoever threw the grenade
  • Reduced initSpeed of pistols magazines (= less damage)
  • Increased hit damage of .455 Webley, .45ACP, 7.62 Tokarev, 9x19 Parabellum
  • Increased soviet body armour resistance due to increase of pistol caliber damage - still a lower TTK than previously
  • TypicalSpeed of 7.62 Tokarev, 9x19 Parabellum and .45ACP was set too high and thus lowered damage


  • Tobruk by iron_excelsior!
  • El Alamein by swurvin!


  • Two new modular trenches systems for Tobruk and El Alamein
  • Alamein objects (train station, tent, crater) by swurvin!
  • Two whitewashed MBG buildings variants
  • Whitewashed Sahrani buildings variants
  • WW2 Bunker Tobruk Desert with desert camo net
  • Tobruk Signs thanks to Bax!


  • New weapon holding and reload animations by GSTAVO! (Bolt action rifles, Sniper rifles, Bren, Sten mk II and mk, PIAT)
  • New Flak 36 crew animations thanks to GSTAVO!
  • Rifle grenades K98 and Lee Enfields reload animations thanks to GSTAVO!
  • Bayonet strike animation thanks to Bricks & Toadie2K!


  • Plane cockpit textures are HQ now
  • The black line bug is gone thanks to Kerc!!!


  • Reworked and higher quality tanks retexture by DontShootMe!!
  • Cromwell Mk IV Type F
  • Crusader Mk III
  • Crusader Mk I (Anti-Air)
  • Austin K5
  • Universal Carrier thanks to Guy Thomas from Invasion 44!
  • Landing Craft Assault
  • Landing Craft Infantry
  • Flak 36 now has a shield (can be hidden in EDEN attributes)
  • 2 news British desert camo for M4A3 Sherman thanks to DontShootMe!!
  • Afrika Korps Tiger tank retexture by DontShootMe!!
  • CLE Container ammobox
  • British binoculars (Kershaw Mk III 6x30)
  • No.1 Lee Enfield Mk III
  • No.4 Lee Enfield Mk I
  • No.4 (T) Lee Enfield Mk I (scoped)
  • Sten Mk II
  • Sten Mk V
  • Bren Mk II
  • PIAT (launcher or rifle - with compatible ammunitions)
  • Webley Mk VI
  • Welrod Mk I
  • Bagpipes
  • No.77 phosphorus grenade
  • No.82 Gammon grenade
  • No.36 Mills bomb
  • New M1A1 Bazooka model thanks to Loutre!
  • Bayonets:
    • No.4 Mk II (Lee Enfield No.4)
    • P1903 (Lee Enfield No.1)
    • M1 (M1 Garand)
  • Lee Enfield rifle grenade launcher
Infantry gear
  • Pattern 37 uniform
  • P37 uniform with leather jerkin (cold weather outfit)
  • P37 uniform with demison smock (paratrooper outfit)
  • Khaki Drills 1941 (desert outfit)
  • P37 webbing gear (x7) and backpacks (x3) in tan and blanco variants
  • Seven British berets (para, army, commando, tanks and tanks with headphones)
  • Balmoral hat
  • 21 British helmets (Mk II, Mk III, MkII Para) all in camo, net or plain variants
  • Royal Air Force flight cap
  • Neutral British units insignias
  • British shoulder ranks


  • Added: Support for shared magazines between launcher and rifle piat variants.
  • Added: Monitoring system for 3den. Mostly for detecting changes in the arsenal so scripts can run.
  • Changed: disabled anti flip running by default for now until improved.
  • Improved: weapon firemode is maintained when switching between box and drum magazines.
  • Fixed: OpenBolt script wasn't working when another weapon had to be reloaded.
  • Fixed: Towing AT Guns and the likes over bridges no longer makes them float into space.
  • Fixed: Camera bugging out on statics the first time you set them up.


  • Changed: disabled/hidden Amphibious Assault mission for now.


  • Changed: added semi-auto fire mode to MG34.
  • Changed: Lowered the magazine reloadTime on static MGs (they're now in line with each other too).
  • Changed: assigned FakeWeapon instead of empty weapon to avoid glitches (locked camera, AI confusion, etc).
  • Fixed: with manual bolting enable, reloading the rifle will cancel any pending working of the action. (If you fire a shot and reload, you won't have to bolt the rifle again after the reload is finished before you can fire).
  • Fixed: PzKpfW IV H now has 80mm front armor instead of faulty 50mm.
  • Fixed: StuG III G now has 50mm rear armor instead of faulty 30mm.
  • Fixed: StuG III G now has 80mm front armor instead of faulty 50mm.
  • Fixed: WW2 vehicles should only support "crew display" panels and NOT panels for driver/gunner/commander camera view.




  • Fixed: double fire with main gun in quick succession by AI tank gunners.
  • Fixed: AI firing for thompson semi auto.


  • Added: Burning grunting SFX while exposed to WP.
  • Added: "Flesh", "Metal", "Wood" bayonet impact sounds.
  • Added: Bayonet ammo hit sound (Generic knife impact).
  • Added: Gear rattling sound while bayoneting.
  • Added: New, fitting bayonet animation sound.
  • Added: Blank cartridge rifle grenade reload sound.
  • Improved: Bayonet ammo should no longer make super-sonic cracks or fly-by sounds.
  • Changed: all tanks now have "idleRPM = 700;" - it should prevent game freezing because of engine audio.
  • Fixed: set movement sound (SoundEnvironExt) defaults for missing BI surfaces (normalExt, mud, forest, roof_tiles).
  • Fixed: Missing reload sounds for the PPK and C96.


  • Added: new tank sand cloudlets so they now spawn 1 meter behind other effects (fix of visual glitch when thick desert dust spawned in front of the first wheel).


  • Fixed: missing dust surfaces.
  • Changed: defined base surface in order to standardize terrains surfaces.
  • Improved: tweaked mud and beach maxSpeedCoef.
  • Changed: moved I44 surfaces to a separate config file.
  • Improved: tweaked mud and beach maxSpeedCoef.
  • Fixed: grass had too much dust generated.


  • Improved: MBG buildings now use A3 roadway textures and penetration materials.
  • Fixed: Tobruk model had incomplete geometry, no LODs, no viewGeometry, no FireGeometry, no Roadway.


  • Added: correct optics for the Cromwell and Crusader thanks to CSA38/petrtlach!
  • Added: FG-42G bayonet can now be used to stab communists and/or imperialists.
  • Added: M44 Mosin Nagant can now deploy its bayonet. UUuuuurrraaaaa komrades!
  • Added: Bayonet to red army units, commonwealth forces.
  • Added: K98 bayonets to the inventories of appropriate german units.
  • Added: M1 Bayonets to the inventories of appropriate US Army units.
  • Added: binoculars to relevant British units (squad leaders, officers, tank crew).
  • Added: British weapons ammocrate config thanks to Jaki (inside CLE Container).
  • Added: ejectDeadCargo = true to all tanks.
  • Added: Grenadier unit red army unit (pre equipped with rifle grenades), Commonwealth Forces, Wehrmacht and Sturmtroopers.
  • Added: MG34 versions of machinegunners - some original classes get it by default.
  • Added: Rifle grenade support for Mp44.
  • Added: Tank commander unit to Commonwealth forces and Commonwealth tanks.
  • Added: AT rifle team to Red Army (Gunner with PTRD and Assistant).
  • Added: Winter versions for new AT classes.
  • Added: Bazooka unit to the Red Army.
  • Added: Bazooka and Panzershreck units to the Red army AT teams.
  • Changed: FFI faction now uses British weapons.
  • Changed: M4A4 Firefly is now part of British faction.
  • Changed: Sturmtrooper grenadiers to use late K98k variant.
  • Changed: US army grenadiers now have rifle grenades. Also have been added to default groups.
  • Improved: fixed all bolt action rifles clip reloading animations.
  • Improved: Lee Enfield and Kar 98 will now have a blank cartridge loading animation before being able to shoot a rifle grenade.
  • Improved: M4A3 Sherman 76, M4A3 Sherman HVSS, M4A4 Sherman Firefly hitpoints.
  • Improved: MG34 and MG42 empty belt disappears during the reload.
  • Improved: various optimizations to M1928 Thompson model.
  • Fixed: standardized terrainCoef across all vehicles.
  • Fixed: PPK now uses .32 ACP/7.65x17.
  • Fixed: SdKfz 251 halftrack TransportSoldier count was set too high (higher than available cargo indexes).
  • Fixed: offset muzzleflash on Zis 61k.
  • Fixed: adjusted damper offset to fix floating wheels of GAZ-M1.
  • Fixed: Cargo memory points on M4A3 to stop flinging into air when dismounting occasionally.
  • Fixed: Cargo memory points were missing on Stug III.
  • Fixed: damage property of Zis5v wreck.
  • Fixed: FlakPanzer IV turret had had no bullet collision.
  • Fixed: FlakPanzer IV turret had visual glitch when rotating over distance.
  • Fixed: FlakPanzer IV turret rotation axis was faulty.
  • Fixed: M4A3 Sherman 76mm commander was not bound to the turret traverse.
  • Fixed: Panzer IVH commander was not bound to the turret traverse.
  • Fixed: MP40 tracer magazines initSpeed was too high.
  • Fixed: changed STG44 and M1 Garand rifle grenade animation to use the mosins non-blank using one for now.
  • Fixed: reload animation on MG34 and MG42 - drum reappears now.
  • Fixed: MP44 and M1 Garand grenade reload animations.
  • Fixed: removed faulty class=vehicle property from glider wrecks.
  • Fixed: wrecks should be indestructible.
  • Fixed: removed bayonets from sniper rifles (what kind of sniper does that).
  • Fixed: removed schurzen from DAK panzer IV.


  • Improved: Joarius retextures are now a bit more complex with multiplied ambient occlusion.
  • Improved: Flak 36 gelbbraun now has the correct DAK painting (less nuclear yellow).
  • Improved: higher definition and new colour to the US army helmet netting (fixed nuclear green).
  • Improved: reworked and higher quality tanks retexture by DontShootMe!!
  • Improved: M1 Garand coloring.
  • Improved: new Cromwell winter textures thanks to DontShootMe!!.
  • Improved: new metal color for scoped Lee Enfield No.4.


  • Added: British infantry gear UI pictures thanks to Sa-Matra!
  • Added: British weapons UI pictures thanks to Sa-Matra!
  • Added: extended HUD image for C47, FlakPanzer, Gaz-M1, Horsa, Ju-52, M3 Stuart, M8 Greyhound, Sd.Kfz 124, Sd.Kfz 222, Sd.Kfz 234 series, Waco.
  • Added: correct UI pictures for panzerfausts.
  • Improved: inventory display - shows now total load at the bottom.
  • Improved: UI design to use round edges (action menu, hint, etc).
  • Changed: make sure shaded background in dummy map control remains disabled.
  • Fixed: short display name of grenade for weapon UI.


  • Changed: improved variable naming (LIB_System_Infantry_weaponSaved => LIB_System_Infantry_currentWeapon).
  • Improved: added LIB_System_Infantry_previousWeapon variable to monitoring system and caching variable on the unit.


  • Added: new clothing, weapons and items as editor placeable objects.
  • Added: driver less variants for new vehicles.
  • Improved: editor preview images to HQ source.
  • Improved: icon size of vehicle accuracy (mapSize).
  • Fixed: made sure all vehicles and variants are available in Eden.
  • Fixed: category (vehicle class) for headgear and vest items.


  • Added: Field Manuals for bayonets and rifle grenades.
  • Added: Field Manual entries for all small arms.


  • Added: Library descriptions for Mosin Nagant, M38/M44, SVT40, PPSH41, DP/DT, TT30, M1895, Lee Enfield, Sten, Bren, PIAT, Webley, Delisle, Welrod.
  • Changed: RAF C47 displayName from `Skytrain` to `Dakota` (British designation).
  • Changed: Regular US army and Ranger grenadiers are now private first class rather than Sergeant and Private respectively.
  • Fixed: M9130 and TT33 library descriptions names.


  • Fixed: some magazines that you could not load in any weapon were available in arsenal.
  • Fixed: hand grenades base classes were available in Arsenal (M67 and RGO).


  • Fixed: made sure all vehicles and variants are available in Zeus.
  • Fixed: missing driver less vehicles in ZEUS.
  • Fixed: missing Winter vehicles in ZEUS.




  • Added: ACE compatibility to bagpipes as nobody is good enough to play them while unconscious.
  • Added: ACE isUnconscious check to LCA and LCI dismount script for AI to stop them being slidey boys.
  • Fixed: cfgPatches naming of M8 Greyhound.
  • Changed: moved SoundEnvironExt to objects container.
  • Changed: moved base surfaces definition to objects.
  • Changed: moved I44 ambience sounds for terrains to objects container.
  • Changed: moved I44 surface sounds for terrains to objects container.
  • Changed: moved IF ambience sounds for terrains to objects container.
  • Changed: moved IF environment sounds for terrains to objects container.
  • Changed: moved WW2 environment sounds for terrains to objects container.
  • Changed: moved WW2 surface sounds for terrains to objects container.
  • Improved: applied hat base class to appropriate helmets.
  • Fixed: word case for Winter classes.
  • Fixed: removed magazineReloadTime on infantry weapons as it's not used in A3 but causes script weirdness when manipulating loaded magazine.


  • Added: Red Devils & Desert Rats update translation to Polish thanks to Adami!



Tech details

  • Added: Increased dispersion and inertia when bayonet is fit.
  • Added: Speed of the unit determines the speed and therefore damage of bayonet strikes.
  • Added: Stamina drain (based on weapon mass and dexterity) for each bayonet thrust.
  • Added: Magazine proxies to all rifles, created grenade magazines proxy models for rifle grenades.
  • Added: Magazine proxies to M1928 Thompson, PPSH for smoother transition between magazine types.
  • Added: WP particles are deleted upon hitting water surface.
  • Added: script for swapping magazine depending on weapon type(for piat rifle/launcher variants).
  • Added: initSpeed modifier for rifle grenades, for different weapons firing the same grenades.
  • Added: Loading a riflegrenade when your rifle magazine is full lowers it by one, and is returned to your inventory. This is just a realism thing where it'd be difficult to chamber a loose round with a full magazine.
  • Added: Switching away from a loaded rifle grenade will require you to bolt the rifle (to unload the blank).
  • Added: Mills bomb riflegrenade now use timed fuse instead of impact. Reduces effective range a little bit but lets you airburst.
  • Improved: added config value caching to MGROF and some optimization.
  • Improved: Hide rifle grenade when muzzle isn't selected (For AI).
  • Improved: Changes riflegrenades initSpeed to those listed in historical sources.
  • Improved: Lowered airFriction on frag rifle grenades a bit.
  • Improved: Increased damage and penetration on HEAT riflegrenades (HEAT tech. from Tanks DLC).
  • Improved: Overhauled weaponSwap for rifle grenades for better compatibility with AI.
  • Improved: The 'loose round' when loading a rifle grenade on a full magazine now instead goes to the fullest(not full) magazine if available instead of creating a one bullet magazine. Reverts to this if no magazine available.
  • Improved: coding of anti flip (setVelocity instead setVelocityModelSpace and time instead tickTime).
  • Improved: standardised all guns "recoil_gun" animationSource to "recoil_source".
  • Improved: standardized dust spawn memory points position across all tanks.
  • Improved: Event systems can now specify a unit (mostly for 3Den use).
  • Improved: mgROF script.
  • Improved: command target vehicle chat radio message.
  • Improved: added fire command to vehicle radio.
  • Changed: command cursor is for tanks only.
  • Changed: command cursor only to be shown in "CPCommander" proxyType turrets.
  • Changed: command cursor only to be shown in turned in when not gunnerForceOptics==1.
  • Changed: command cursor only visible in Cadet difficulty and with weapon crosshair on.
  • Changed: made command cursor only visible with AI gunner.
  • Changed: made command cursor visible in third person view.
  • Changed: removed non working allowDamage in anti flip system.
  • Changed: added blockAiVisibility to WP trails.
  • Changed: planes proxies indexes to match Pylons configuration.
  • Changed: integrated manual play execution into the same system.
  • Changed: made command fire and command target block key input if successful.
  • Changed: used commandWatch objNull instead of lookAt to stop targeting.
  • Changed: disabled undefined camo selections of vehicle parts.
  • Updated: load order.
  • Updated: preloadAddons.
  • Fixed: FG-42G bipod pivot was too high resulting in player diving into the ground.
  • Fixed: King Tiger hiddenSelections in distant LOD.
  • Fixed: missing hitpoint definitions for M3 Scout car.
  • Fixed: added Tower_Settings for all missing vehicles - makes top right reload indicator functional.
  • Fixed: missing Tower_Config of LIB_LeFH18_AT and LIB_SdKfz222.
  • Fixed: missing wheel icons for US6 trucks.
  • Fixed: missing source for some IF magazines.
  • Fixed: missing source for some M4A3 tank optics.
  • Fixed: standardized Gaz-M1 wheels hitpoints.
  • Fixed: Tiger tank shadow LOD still had named selections.
  • Fixed: Open bolt script will only run on the main muzzle of the weapon.
  • Removed: faulty armorStructural definition in turret.
  • Removed: obsolete gearBox parameter.
  • Removed: obsolete randomNumbersCount parameter.

Hotfix 1

  • Added: Rifle Grenadiers to DAK.
  • Fixed: faulty "WW2_Objects_m_Structures_WW2_Buildings_m" preloading.
  • Fixed: texture paths of two Tobruk signs.
  • Fixed: Pak40 and Zis3 are no longer so overpowered that the barrel shoots off the chassis.
  • Fixed: String for 75mm - was using the 6pnder string.
  • Fixed: typo in Tobruk description text.
  • Fixed: missing string in rpt.