WW2 Changelog: Preview v33 - 2019-02-14

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Preview v33 - 2019-02-14



  • Added: fire damage to flame bursts of flame thrower.
  • Changed: tweaked roll rates and turn rates to more realistic values and thus better flight model for P47, FW190F8, Pe2, Pe39 and Ju87 (aileron and elevator sensitivity) by Stardust!
  • Changed: minefields available again (WIP - to improved and expanded further).
  • Improved: anti flip system tanks to Stardust and Roman!


  • Fixed: low armor of infantry units.
  • Fixed: updated Soviet infantry damage model to latest A3 system.
  • Changed: tweaked recoil on the BAR, STG44, FG42.
  • Changed: more tweaks to BAR, FG42 and STG44 recoil.
  • Changed: enabled featureTyp for planes to have them drawn beyond 2000 meters.
  • Changed: turret rotation speeds for 360°:

+ FlakPanzer IV: 10 seconds + JS-2: 40 seconds + M3 and M5 Stuart: 15 seconds + M4 Sherman series: 15 seconds + Panzer IVH: 30 seconds + Panzer V: 18 seconds + Panzer VIB and VIE: 60 seconds + T34-76: 14 seconds + T34-85: 21 seconds


  • Updated: Ardennes 1940 with big revamp.


  • Updated: major revision of object destruction behavior.
  • Updated: major revision of object classification (editor, ZEUS, scripting).
  • Changed: enabled featureTyp for churches, castles and military structures to have them drawn beyond 2000 meters.
  • Fixed: visual issues with Raunhofer Winter vegetation when loaded together with CUP vegetation (separated rvmats).


  • Changed: enabled speed limited also on cars (to avoid abuse) (limit is set to very high 150% max speed).
  • Changed: activated anti flip also far cars.
  • Changed: re-enabled "crew sitting on tanks" effects module.
  • Improved: Improved functionality of the quick deploy feature on boat ramps.
  • Fixed: AI bolt action script was running for players causing phantom delay on the animations.


  • Added: temporary sounds and pictures for WWRush by Roman.
  • Changed: SMG classes in S&D now have 1x smoke grenade instead of 1x HE Frag.


  • Improved: Increased caliber value for .45ACP and .455 Webley.
  • Improved: reviewed caliber (penetration capacity) for PTRD-41.
  • Changed: disabled flame damage of initial burst of flamethrower.
  • Changed: reduced flamethrower fuseDistance to 0.2 meters (from 2).
  • Changed: reloadTime of 1928 Thompson given its more accurate higher ROF.
  • Changed: Disabled crosshair on PTRD (in next update you will have to deploy or rest it in order to fire).
  • Changed: disabled shrapnel from mortar impacts for now.
  • Changed: improved combat planes fuel capacity to more realistic levels (50% of actual) thanks to Stardust!








  • Changed: adjusted fuel and supply trucks explosionEffect and fuelExplosionPower in line with BI's changes.
  • Fixed: non existing explosionEffect="SupplyExplosion".


  • Changed: made AI no longer go prone in high clutter surfaces (AIAvoidStance=1/2).
  • Updated: Aachen with slight heightmap, mask and clutter changes.
  • Fixed: removed non fitting jungle bird sounds near vegetation.


  • Added: some more I44 objects (mainly tents).
  • Changed: reduced armor of gryada field.
  • Changed: reduced considerable armor of fences.
  • Changed: destruction type for bunkers, poles, sheds, shrubs.
  • Changed: destruction type for trees in bush category.
  • Changed: destruction type for WW2_Posed.
  • Changed: destruction type inheritance.
  • Changed: not fully ported Winter stone walls are now hidden.
  • Improved: I44_Old_Bridge (Merderet main bridge) up to A3 standard (reworked roadway, fixed memory LOD, fixed named properties, added Geometry PhysX LOD).
  • Improved: Pegasus and Ranville bridges up to A3 standard (reworked roadway, fixed memory LOD, fixed named properties, added Geometry PhysX LOD).
  • Improved: object classification (BagFence, Bunker, Fences, Poles, Signs, TankBarrier, Trenches, Wires).
  • Improved: added base class for cemetery objects.
  • Improved: added military structures object base class.
  • Improved: added tent object base class.
  • Improved: Modified various winter vegetation textures (Darkened, reduced color) thanks to Rylan!
  • Improved: Modified/tweaked various winter vegetation .rvmats thanks to Rylan!
  • Updated: damage, mass and armor of tank traps and walls.
  • Updated: mapSize and icon definitions to latest state.
  • Updated: mass and armor of field and vegetation.
  • Fixed: armor and destruction type of sheds.
  • Fixed: armor property for burnt trees, bushes, dead trees.
  • Fixed: armor value of churches, bunkers, walls, castles.
  • Fixed: destruction type for rommelspargel, trench fences, wheat fields.
  • Fixed: land class names of WW2_BET_Kostel variants.
  • Fixed: missing damage=no for I44_Old_Bridge.
  • Fixed: missing frequent property for clutter.
  • Fixed: missing map property for bushes.
  • Fixed: missing scope=0 for base classes.
  • Fixed: moved door icons to correct container.
  • Fixed: removed faulty class property for clutter.
  • Fixed: removed shadow lod from AT barrier.
  • Fixed: set damage=no for I44 church building parts.
  • Fixed: timbers stash should be indestructible.
  • Fixed: too high armor of misc structures.
  • Fixed: WW2_JNS_Wall_StoneD should be indestructible.


  • Added: US airborne vests are now available without the felt padding.
  • Added: Tank commanders for Soviet, German tanks and appropriate tank crew to US tanks (including lend lease).
  • Added: hidden HORSA and WACO variants with fuel (for AI use for example).

- Added: Grey GrWr 34 mortar components (barrel, tripod, and deployed tripod).

  • Added: missing camo variants of tripods as objects.
  • Added: missing US airborne vests as objects.
  • Changed: BARS firemode textures to FullAuto and FastAuto for slow and fast ROF respectively.
  • Fixed: M8 Greyhound does not have a turret gyrostabilizer anymore.
  • Fixed: mapSize for Nebelwerfer.
  • Fixed: missing "class DestructionEffects {};" in WACO hit components.
  • Fixed: missing LIB_Flak36_L56_ARTY sound definition.
  • Fixed: model of LIB_PP_MINE object.
  • Fixed: static gunner view in BM13 non arty computer version.








  • Added: code comment to describe "tank stop" system.
  • Improved: added more custom object vehicle classes for 2d editor.
  • Changed: made hidden mine objects available in editor.
  • Changed: made parachutes available in editor.
  • Changed: WW2_JNS_Wreck_Ships are hidden from editor and Zeus now.
  • Updated: editor preview images to latest state.
  • Updated: added editor preview images for new assets.
  • Updated: added editor preview images for new I44 objects.
  • Updated: added editor preview images for new objects.
  • Updated: all editor preview images.


  • Improved: mine ammo boxes display names.
  • Improved: detonator display names.


  • Changed: made hidden mine objects available in Arsenal.
  • Changed: made parachutes available in Arsenal.
  • Fixed: made mine ammo boxes visible in Arsenal.
  • Fixed: made mines ammo as objects visible in Arsenal.


  • Changed: made hidden mine objects available in Zeus.
  • Changed: made parachutes available in Zeus.
  • Fixed: made mine ammo boxes visible in ZEUS.
  • Fixed: made mines ammo as objects visible in ZEUS.




  • Fixed: missing/faulty _w post tag for I44 Winter vegetation models. Mapping:
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_bush_small_1.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_bush_small_1_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_haystack.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_haystack_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_hrt1.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_hrt1_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_smrk_siroky.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_smrk_siroky_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_tree_oak_1_down.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_tree_oak_1_down_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_tree_oak_1_winter.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_tree_oak_1_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_tree_oak_sapling_1.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_tree_oak_sapling_1_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_wall_stone_winter.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\i44_wall_stone_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\bush\i44_bushtall.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\bush\i44_bushtall_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\bush\i44_bush_long.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\bush\i44_bush_long_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\tree\i44_t_fagus2f_winter.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\tree\i44_t_fagus2f_w.p3d
ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\tree\i44_t_fagus2s_winter.p3d ww2\objects_m\vegetation\i44_plants_winter_m\tree\i44_t_fagus2s_w.p3d
  • Fixed: re-enable explicit EH definitions for Civilian units (C_man_1) until faulty inheritance definition in A3 is fixed (if ever).
  • Fixed: dead cows inheritance.
  • Updated: magazines[] in cfgPatches.
  • Updated: units[] in cfgPatches.
  • Updated: weapons[] in cfgPatches.





Tech details

  • Fixed: code in quotes made macro no triggered.
  • Fixed: macros - may not be enclosed by quotes.
  • Added: code comments about vehicle explosion configuration.
  • Added: custom fuel explosion class for potential tweaks.
  • Changed: moved explosionEffect definitions to the dedicated config for vehicle explosion configuration.
  • Changed: moved vehicle explosion parameters of gliders to dedicated config.
  • Changed: standardized explosion FX naming.
  • Changed: custom class for flamethrower fire particles to tweak damage. Note: these are only the small flames sticking on the ground - the others are scripted atm.
  • Changed: reduced flame thrower impact flames "fire" damage.