WW2 Changelog: Preview v30 - 2018-06-14

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Preview v30 - 2018-06-14


  • Villers Bocage by Gunther.S!
  • Upgrade v3 for IF Omaha by DontShootMe!
"Third part of Colleville restyling - in this update you will find a new town, some farms and general improvement in the surrounding area. Enjoy!"


  • Improved: various issues with static weapon deployment system by Kerc!
  • Fixed: right clicking to swap out the tripod on your back with the barrel on the ground will now deploy the tripod as expected.
  • Fixed: put EH only runs on groundweaponholders, to avoid a tripod being deployed when placing it in a vehicle etc.
  • Fixed: player mags were triggering the swap due to faulty inheritance, fixed.
  • Fixed: AI mortar magazines now convert to player magazines upon disassembly.
  • Fixed: disassembly no longer causes the player to crouch.
  • Fixed: dropping the tripod into an existing weapon holder now works as intended.




  • Changed: tweaked PPSH rate of fire.
  • Changed: tweaked MG34 ROF to a realistic value (800-900 rpm /0.697)
  • Changed: tweaked MG42 reload time (0.050 instead of 0.056).


  • Fixed: MP handling of FLAK fired EH.




  • Changed: set correct nameSound and SpeechVariants definition for static weapons.
  • Changed: set correct nameSound type for special vehicle types.
  • Changed: disabled obsolete take useraction for specific mines.
  • Changed: replaced obsolete textSingular/textPlural definition.
  • Changed: disabled obsolete nameSound definition.
  • Changed: set correct nameSound type for magazine.
  • Changed: set correct nameSound type definition for MG type magazines.
  • Changed: disabled non existing nameSound type definition.
  • Changed: set correct nameSound definition for MG type weapons.
  • Fixed: non existing nameSound type definition.


  • Improved: a lot more terrain surfaces now support dust effects (from vehicle or infantry movement) thanks to Sparfell 19!
  • Improved: more dust effects for planes with CUP terrains' surfaces.




  • Added: grey sidewalk versions by swurvin.
  • Added: new ivy rvmat for mb's ivy clutter.
  • Updated: Earthmound textures to HQ thanks to Reece!
  • Updated: mapSize and icon definitions for new objects.
  • Updated: mapSize for a few bushes and trees.
  • Updated: mapSize values for some objects.
  • Changed: set class=pond named property for ponds.
  • Fixed: BETON Dragon Teeth objects inner stubs can be walked through.
  • Fixed: dead summer trees so that lods blend better and look a little better at further distance.
  • Fixed: changed ivy clutter to new rvmat and toned down brightness.
  • Fixed: impassable Bocage added more layers to billboard lod.
  • Fixed: one polyplane had wrong textures assigned (I44_forest_dub_jiny2.p3d).
  • Fixed: small issue with texture having wrong rvmat (I44_forest_dub_jiny1.p3d).
  • Fixed: specular and specular power of tree rvmats to all match tanoa vegetation.


  • Improved: M3A1 Half Track dust emitters position.
  • Updated: containers for equipment or weapons on the ground.
  • Changed: removed net from open strap helmet (US Ranger).
  • Changed: US Army Lieutenant and 2nd Lieutenant helmets to one without strap.
  • Changed: US Ranger NCO's and CO's Helmets to no strap version.
  • Fixed: C47 fuel capacity.
  • Fixed: added proper mass to legacy MG42 belt just in case.
  • Fixed: Fire rates for static and vehicle-mounted MG42 and MG34s.
  • Fixed: GMC trucks dust emitters did not exist.
  • Fixed: inheritance for icon definitions.
  • Fixed: LIB_FlakPanzerIV_Wirbelwind and FlaK 36 picture definition.
  • Fixed: obsolete magazine class in ammo crate.
  • Fixed: ranks in cfgGroups.








  • Added: simple object definitions.
  • Added: editor preview pictures for new assets.
  • Added: editor preview images for new objects.
  • Changed: made flat parachute objects visible in Eden.
  • Changed: made radio classes of ACRE2 variants visible in Arsenal and Eden.
  • Updated: editor preview images for some objects.
  • Updated: editor preview images of mines.
  • Updated: editor preview images of vehicles.
  • Updated: editor preview images of infantry.
  • Fixed: editor preview images of US AB units.
















  • Changed: updated swurvin naming as author.
  • Fixed: author tag for new US assets.
  • Fixed: missing author definition for some assets.

Tech details

  • Updated: load order system.
  • Updated: last loaded system.
  • Updated: last loaded.
  • Improved: load order design.
  • Improved: load order system.
  • Changed: load order.
  • Changed: added asset type specific last loaded containers.
  • Fixed: faulty cfgPatches names.
  • Updated: CA to A3 textures and materials refs mapping.
  • Updated: CA to A3 penetration refs mapping.
  • Changed: unified damage named property (DeP3d +FX).
  • Fixed: obsolete flags removed (DeP3d +FX).
  • Changed: moved vehicle dust definitions to separate config.
  • Fixed: faulty string refs.
  • Added: code comment about likely fault nameSound setting of bombs.
  • Added: list of missing/yet unsupported surfaces with dust effects.
  • Added: config backbone to allow for switching between AI only mortar magazines and player ones.