WW2 Changelog: Preview v27 - 2018-04-11

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Preview v26 - 2018-01-25



  • Updated airdrop showcase by Jaki!

+ Added intro music. + Added animations to some German soldiers that are not expecting anything. + Added some emplacements at the AA site. + Changed longer black screen (unconscious) so weird animation should not be visible when "waking up". + Changed McKnight should teleport next to you when you reach RV. + Changed time until FFI runs away. + Fixed unable to destroy AA guns. + Reduced flaks health to 50%.


  • FLAK system by magicsh0tz and optimization by Adanteh!


  • Pella Region Greece by swurvin!
  • Updated IF Omaha by DontShootMe!

"Second part of the restyling for Colleville - this update completes most of the western part of the map I've added two new towns various farms and different points of interest in the surrounding areas more to come."


  • Major upgrade of IF vegetation close and distant visuals by Reece!


  • Fallschirmjäger faction.


  • Fallschirmjäger uniform (4 variants).
  • Fallschirmjäger K98 ammo bandoleer vests.
  • Fallschirmjäger M38 and M44 helmets.
  • Improved German M42 helmets textures.
  • New Panzerschreck backpack.
  • New Tornister 34 backpack.
  • US airborne mohawk hair cut (glasses/NVG).


  • Junkers Ju-52 by Diabolical!
  • Flak 36 - 88mm gun by Vinc3r!
  • LeFH18 artillery gun originally made by I44 and refurbished by Reece!
  • New Panzer IV H commander 3D cupola thanks to petrtlach from CSA38!


  • FastPatrone 30, PanzerFaust 30 and PanzerFaust 60 - thanks to Loutre!
  • FG42-G by Diabolical!
  • Gewehr 41 by Loutre!
  • New G33/40 model thanks to petrtlach from CSA38!

Hand animations:

  • G41 new animations by GSTAVO!
  • G43 new animations by GSTAVO!
  • MP38 new animations by GSTAVO!
  • MP40 new animations by GSTAVO!
  • STG44 new animations by GSTAVO!
  • Improved PanzerFaust set animations by GSTAVO!


  • Improved: Nebelwerfer can now be towed.
  • Improved: MP compatibility of static line paradrop system (locking of positions).
  • Changed: disabled LIB_House_Fire_System_Logic (custom damage system for buildings) module due to performance impact and outdated coding.
  • Changed: disabled LIB_FNC (Shock effect after hit when in vehicle) module due to performance impact and missing animations.
  • Fixed: not all turrets got locked for cargo jump system.




  • Changed: disabled weapons animated sights until further tweaking between elevation and actual bullet drop.
  • Changed: reduced Panzerfaust 60 rocket's mass due to Arsenal mechanics (must go to backpack before being loaded, heavy weight made it impossible because IFA3 backpacks were too small) lost weight moved to the launcher itself.
  • Changed: removed indirect damage of 37mm AP ammo.
  • Changed: bomb configuration alongside BI's adjustments.
  • Changed: disabled ejectDead from static weapons.
  • Changed: ejectDeadCargo=1 for static weapons due to weird PhysX body issues.
  • Changed: removed ejectDeadCargo=1 for tank crew due to weird PhysX body issues.
  • Changed: removed ejectDeadDriver/Cargo/Gunner=1 for car and truck crew due to weird PhysX body issues.
  • Changed: no longer auto eject dead gunner from Scout M3.
  • Fixed: C47 back to airplane simulation.


  • Changed: reduced number of shrapnel from grenades by 50% (to reduce performance impact/freeze) (between 50 and 125 now depending on grenade).


  • Added: random 0.5 up to 8 second firing delay for AI with tank and static guns depending on distance ("new" A3 feature).
  • Changed: made AI dispersion at mid and long distance 125% of usual tank guns (BI system).
  • Changed: made AI to use HE shells also very vehicles.
  • Changed: made boats scan ground only.
  • Changed: reduced AI dispersion of tank and static guns by 50% following recent adjustment from BI.
  • Fixed: primaryObserver and primaryGunner setup of various vehicles.
  • Fixed: faulty addition dispersion in AI weapon modes of tank guns.
  • Fixed: commanding setup of various vehicles.


  • Changed: reverted BM13 firing sound to its characteristic type.
  • Fixed: BM13 weapon modes definition in sound class.
  • Fixed: staticline paradrop standing position sound attenuation was wrong.
  • Fixed: missing soundEmpty.wss rpt spam for LIB_M2_Flamethrower.
  • Fixed: re-added LIB_Ambience in CfgEnvSounds (required by IF campaigns for example).


  • Added: custom explosionEffects to Flak36/88mm gun.


  • Fixed: removed duplicate objects in IF Omaha.


  • Added: made yet missing props available in the editor.
  • Added: New 2 new Oak trees.
  • Added: New Earthmound wall varients, and updated old textures to match.
  • Added: Shadows to opx wheat and fixed rvmats for even lighting.
  • Improved: Transitions between lods for IF bushes and trees.
  • Fixed: IF tree and bush rvmats for all Lods, as they were too bright and now should match orginal textures better.
  • Fixed: IF tree and bush textures so they no longer should be transparent at further view distances.
  • Fixed: added damage materials to view geometry lod to IF bushes.
  • Updated: Remodeled billboard textures for some IF trees.
  • Updated: Standardized Fire and view geometry rvmats for IF trees and bushes.


  • Changed: disabled LeFH18 shield animation.
  • Improved: German uniforms now have better contrasts and ambient occlusion.
  • Improved: landed static line parachute geometry collisions.
  • Improved: MP40 and Mp38 bolt anims on reloadMagazine (still to be improved later).
  • Improved: static line parachutes models.
  • Improved: C-47 GeometryPhysX LOD.
  • Improved: C-47 wreck is now walkable.
  • Improved: unified fov with wheeled APC driver.
  • Improved: unified fov with Kfz1 MG42.
  • Improved: unified fov with SdKfz 7 AA.
  • Improved: German helmets RVMAT.
  • Improved: German helmets SMDI.
  • Improved: Panzerfaust 60 handanim.
  • Improved: static line parachutes now has proper normals.
  • Improved: static line parachutes textures.
  • Improved: Wehrmacht HBT camos are more detailed.
  • Fixed: LIB_M2_Flamethrower was broken when using ACE3 advanced ballistics.
  • Fixed: rpt spam about faulty cartridge model for flamethrower.
  • Fixed: US medic vest LODs were faulty.
  • Fixed: C47 rotors anims.
  • Fixed: missing mass definition for some mine related items.
  • Fixed: Scout M3 is meant to have seven cargo positions, whereas FFV variant is limited to one due additional positions via cargo turrets.
  • Fixed: SdKf124 now has SPG crews instead of Panzerwaffe crews.








  • Added: groups for tank and pilot crews (US, SOV, GER).










  • Updated: inheritance for tanks DLC changes.





Tech details

  • Added: LIB_cargoLights definitions to C47 and Ju52.
  • Added: Nebelwerfer and LeFH towing anims.
  • Changed: disabled scripted dispersion for rockets as done via configs now.
  • Changed: interior light system to read cargo lights from config space and memory LOD.
  • Improved: coding design of sitting to standing position mapping.
  • Improved: cargo turret inheritance for transport planes.
  • Fixed: primaryGunner=0 for cargo turret.
  • Fixed: primaryGunner=0 for kurs MG turret.
  • Fixed: primaryGunner=0 for loader back MG turret.
  • Fixed: primaryGunner=0 for loader place turret.
  • Fixed: removed obsolete primaryGunner=1 from MainTurret.
  • Fixed: removed obsolete primaryObserver=0 from MainTurret.
  • Fixed: removed magazineReloadTime definition in wrong context (LIB_Cannon).
  • Fixed: bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/LIB_StaticCannon_base/Turrets/MainTurret/OpticsIn/Narrow.gunnerOpticsModel.
  • Fixed: bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/LIB_StaticCannon_base/Turrets/MainTurret/OpticsIn/Wide.gunnerOpticsModel.
  • Fixed: Turret body ObsTurret not found while initializing the model ww2\assets_m\vehicles\staticweapons_m\i44_lefh18.p3d.
  • Fixed: Turret gun ObsGun not found while initializing the model ww2\assets_m\vehicles\staticweapons_m\i44_lefh18.p3d.
  • Fixed: Graphic Config Direction of the turret's weapon is not parallel with a direction of the turret. Possible issues with AI aiming. Check gunBeg and gunEnd points and align them in X axis. Model: ww2\assets_m\vehicles\staticweapons_m\i44_lefh18.p3d
  • Updated: Evened out brightness to remove weird shadow on half of the model.
  • Fixed: added rvmat to fire and view geometries. Fixed properties in geometry lod. Also fixed shadow lods.
  • Fixed: Both textures have a bright glow around edges, fixed layers and alpha channel to tone down the brightness.
  • Fixed: Cleaned up some lods and made geometry properties more inline with A3 vegetation.
  • Fixed: Decreased size of model in geometry lod.
  • Fixed: fire geometry materials.
  • Fixed: the brightness of the elm tree.
  • Fixed: the name of the bocage leaves from co to ca files.
  • Fixed: Heights of the wheat so same height. Added sbsource visualex for shadows and view geometry to the medium sized ones.
  • Fixed: I44 bushes, updated shadow, view and fire lods, also properties of geo lod.
  • Fixed: Increased geometry size for bocage models.
  • Fixed: Lots of improvements all around, added memory lods for sound, improved shadow lods and geometry properties. Added rvmats to fire and view lods.
  • Fixed: Made alot of the rvmats less bright and shiny.
  • Fixed: Made the bocage blend better, also added rvmats for ulmus trees.
  • Fixed: Made the model blend better from Lod 2 to 3. Also fixed shadow
  • Fixed: Made the model blend better from Lod 2 to 3. Also fixed shadow Lods.
  • Fixed: Made the rvmats more inline with Tanoa and A3 vegetation, less bright and glowing. Removed _mca textures from alot because made them way too bright. Also some _no textures made the trees dark and bright one one side no matter the direction of the sun.
  • Fixed: Reduced size of bocage clutter, and amount of proxy clutter.
  • Fixed: Renamed textures from _can to _ca, and removed noise in Alpha channel and made brighter. Some Billboard textures were remade from scratch.
  • Fixed: Rvmats to blend better between lods.
  • Fixed: Small changed to blend with more terrains.
  • Fixed: Small fixes to all models. Added rvmats for fire and view geo lods.
  • Fixed: Small fixes to Bocage rvmats.
  • Fixed: Small fixes to Bocage.
  • Fixed: Small fixes to elm tree shadow lod.
  • Fixed: Small updates to the bocage.
  • Fixed: View geometry rvmat added.
  • Changed: Removed outdated editor previews for earthmounds and added new ones.
  • Removed: Ulmus trees.