WW2 Changelog: Preview v26 - 2018-01-25

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Preview v26 - 2018-01-25



  • Added: Amphibious Assault showcase by Jaki with voices by Major Boggie, Zaf, gombly, Eogos!
  • Added: new airdrop showcase mission by Jaki with voices by Zaf and voices from I44!


  • Added: Aachen Outskirts by swurvin!
  • Updated: IF Omaha by DontShootMe!

"First part of a major restyling for Collevile in this update you will find an improvement of the main town, some new buildings a Church and the cemetery plus some improvement in the surrounding area more to come."


  • Added: Omaha Beach horrors of war pack (4 mutilated US soldiers).
  • Added: new model for dead hanging paratroopers.



  • Added: M3 Grease Gun by Loutre!
  • Added: new M1918 BAR model by Diabolical!
  • Added: new hand anims and reload anims for M1A1 Thompson by GSTAVO!
  • Added: new hand anims and reload anims for M1918 BAR by GSTAVO!


  • Added: New US M41 Uniform - 4 color variants : Late war, North Africa, Winter, HBT.
  • Added: New US M42 Uniform - Multiple model variants including a gas detection arm band, 506PIR shoulder pockets.
  • Added: New US M43 Uniform - currently a placeholder retextured M42 with OD green color.
  • Added: New US Pilot Uniform - Original model from AWAR reworked to fit ArmA 3 standards. 2 model variants (With or without wool collar) with ability to show a large set of pin-up and regimental decals.
  • Added: New US Pilot headgear - 2 caps 6 helmet variants including a new high-altitude air breather by Jove Chiere!
  • Added: New US Pilot lifevest
  • Added: New US pilot Type 3A round cupola parachute
  • Added: A complete new set of 33 vests, among additional new variants and new pouches (classic webbing, new combinations, assault vests)
  • Added: A complete new set of 13 backpacks among additional new variants
  • Improved: US helmets complete set (New textures, new variants, new winter cover).


  • New LCM-3 landing craft with vehicle-in-vehicle functionality to land tanks directly on the beach !




  • Removed: old Aidrop showcase mission.






  • Changed: limited aiDispersionCoef for vehicle AA cannons.
  • Changed: flipped X and Y aiDispersionCoef of infantry weapons to make random leg or upper torso/head hits a little more likely.
  • Changed: forced crewVulnerable = 1; for half tracks.
  • Fixed: way to exessive aiDispersionCoef for plane MGs and cannons.
  • Fixed: way to exessive aiDispersionCoef for vehicle MGs.


  • Fixed: Panzerfaust rocket won't produce any fly sound anymore.
  • Fixed: missing LIB_MP38 reload and dry sounds.




  • Improved: tweaked Omaha sea colour.
  • Improved: sea now has tides on IF Omaha beach/Collevile.
  • Updated: Aachen Outskirts by swurvin!
    • Added: another 20k worth of detailed placement.
    • Added: more detail to mask image in surface painter.
    • Added: some custom environment sounds.
    • Changed: tweaked clutter composition.
    • Improved: polished up cfgSurfaces and cfgClutter (proper footstep sounds, bullet impacts etc).
    • Improved: polished up SAT image to match mask.
    • Updated: config with tweaks (OutsideTerrain, etc).
    • Fixed: added some missing roads.
    • Fixed: roads were still bugged in one area.
    • Fixed: some misplaced and duplicate buildings.
    • Fixed: mask image blending (was only noticeable in the middle of a forest area).
    • Removed: a duplicated texture (was also going over 6 per cell, not worth it).
  • Updated: Volkhov Forest by swurvin!
    • Added: 50k+ more tree's and lots of leafless bushes.
    • Added: around 6 more trenches, mostly on the east bank of the river.
    • Added: some new roads.
    • Changed: more noise added to heightmap
    • Changed: tweaked cfgSurfaces, cfgClutter.
    • Changed: edited Mask image to fit new trenches + added OutsideTerrain class in config.
    • Changed: filled in some buildings and village areas.
    • Fixed: current railways & added another on the west bank, all level and correct.
  • Fixed: heightmap around a bridge in Dunkirk.
  • Fixed: floating sign on Dunkirk.


  • Added: Benouville buildings (Café Gondrée, Ranville Bridge, Rs65a Bunker).
  • Added: flag pole model from A2 without geometry (WW2_FlagPole_NoGeometry).
  • Added: versions of grass clutter for the dirt mounds so shadows will work.
  • Improved: Pegasus Bridge model.
  • Improved: I44 bush and tree models with armor named property for proper vehicle interaction.
  • Updated: JS Signs.
  • Updated: Increase size of dirt mound bocage clutter.
  • Updated: increased the width of the clutter for the dirt mounds.
  • Updated: small final tweaks to the bocage colours and look.
  • Changed: reduced armor of bushes and trees by 50% to make cars and more so tanks, especially AI, drive them over more easily.
  • Fixed: I44 hedges to have AI no longer be able to see through them.
  • Fixed: I44 hedges collapse on themselves when destroyed.
  • Fixed: added config for I44 Winter reskins by GSTAVO.
  • Fixed: Reduced size of fire geo and geo lod to match tree size of I44_tree_decid_3.
  • Fixed: Fixed one shot destroying the WW2_B_hedgerow model.
  • Fixed: toned down the brightness of distant Malus lods.
  • Fixed: made small changes to rvmats for Winter bushes.
  • Fixed: Closed shadow lods of IF Winter bushes.
  • Fixed: updated I44 braken bush LODs (geo, view, fire and shadow lods) to APEX standards.
  • Fixed: updated I44 Ulmus View Geometry and Fire Geometry to APEX standards.
  • Fixed: improved Bocage shadow Lods, changed property names to match v vegetation.
  • Fixed: updated Bocage View Geometry and Fire Geometry to APEX standards.
  • Fixed: added more resolution Lods, reduced verts and removed sounds for each to Bocage models.
  • Fixed: bocage updated rvmats, less shin and reflection.
  • Fixed: darkened bocage textures a little.


  • Added: no-radio variants of NCO US vests.
  • Added: HBT US trousers with M41 jacket, used by US Rangers faction.
  • Changed: US Rangers faction will use assault vests instead of their haversack. Faction update by Jaki.
  • Changed: US tanks commanders now use an M3 Grease Gun.
  • Changed: US MG Units will now have a backpack instead of a multipurpose pouch.
  • Changed: made MG type static weapons also use non PhysX simulation.
  • Changed: hidden multi purpose bag since it is now included in vests directly and collide with them. Prefer real backpacks instead.
  • Changed: M2 Flamethrower texture.
  • Improved: engineer, sapper and saboteur configuration.
  • Fixed: M2 Flamethrower is more shinny to look like metal and not plastic.
  • Fixed: M2 Flamethrower now matches new US uniforms.
  • Fixed: removed faulty canDeactivateMines ability from LIB_SOV_AT_soldier.
  • Fixed: IS-2 machinegunner's muzzle flash did not rotate with the weapon.
  • Fixed: Sd.kfz 124 wreck sometimes display muzzle fire.
  • Fixed: LIB_SdKfz222 driver was not visible.
  • Fixed: LIB_SdKfz234_3 - onboard infantry is not visible from some distance.
  • Fixed: Sd.kfz 234 and 222 wrecks sometimes display muzzle fire.
  • Fixed: FlakPanzer IV started with shields.
  • Fixed: shield less StuG IIIG started with shields.




  • Added: vehicle, clothing and backpack pictures for new US assets thanks to Sa-Matra!
  • Updated: weapon pictures thanks to Sa-Matra!
  • Updated: remaining equipment pictures of weapons thanks to Sa-Matra!




  • Changed: made broken Searchlight hidden for now.




  • Added: US Ranger helmet UI for better arsenal visibility.
  • Updated: arsenal classes of equipment and weapons.










  • Improved: Polish translation thanks to Adami!

Tech details

  • Added: rvmat for bocage clutter.
  • Added: rvmat for distant Lods, so bocage blends better.
  • Added: new bocage textures for different distance LODS.
  • Changed: small tweaks to rvmats, added smdi and as textures for dirt mounds.
  • Fixed: Bocage class names in editorpreviews to match class name in config.
  • Fixed: earthmounds added in TB would not show proxy grass and AO would not use path lod. Changed Class names to match p3d name and has now fixed the problem.
  • Fixed: changed colours to be less bright green.
  • Changed: moved surface definitions to parent world config.
  • Fixed: path to lowercase in roadslib.cfg.