WW2 Changelog: Preview v25 - 2017-12-29

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Preview v25 - 2017-11-29



  • Volkhov Forest by swurvin!


  • Earth Mounds for the bocage by Reece and El Tyranos!
  • Winter reskins of a few I44 buildings by GSTAVO!
  • More Winter reskins of CUP objects by GSTAVO!


  • Added: ability to disable smarter tanks system globally (alarm9k_SmarterTanks_global_disabled=true).
  • Changed: improve variable to disable smarter tanks system per vehicle (_tank setVariable ["alarm9k_SmarterTanks_disabled",true]).
  • Changed: improved custom parameter and variable naming.
  • Fixed: key action from "ToggleWeapons" to "nextWeapon".




  • Added: driver less vehicles (car and tanks) - effective commander acts also as driver.






  • Fixed: path to sounds of explosives.




  • Updated: Ardennes 1944 Winter by swurvin!
    • Changed: redone whole mask image in high res - no more blending.
    • Changed: minor heightmap tweaks and object placement.
    • Changed: filled in large areas with thicker pine forest (was missing due to removal of green vegetation).
    • Changed: road texture.
    • Changed: added some leafless trees.
    • Fixed: remove as much trees on roads as possible.
  • Updated: Bray Dunes 1940 - Dunkirk by swurvin!
    • Changed: tweaked SAT slightly & reworked mask image.
    • Changed: lowered cell size to 2.5.
    • Changed: added micro terrain detail to heightmap (lowered roads etc).
    • Changed: added more objects, filled in spaces + micro detail.
    • Changed: added 8+ trenches all around the terrain.
    • Fixed: super green clutter.
    • Fixed: heightmap around a bridge.
  • Changed: disabled custom SimulWeather code for IF terrains.
  • Changed: disabled custom Subdivision code for IF terrains.
  • Changed: disabled any remaining custom weather/sky/lighting code for IF terrains.
  • Fixed: missing replacement of some Winter objects in IF Winter terrains.


  • Changed: non WW2 fitting hesco barrier hidden.
  • Fixed: Gryada should not send tanks into orbit anymore.
  • Fixed: roadway LOD was colliding with geometry LOD on WW2_Gryada.p3d.
  • Fixed: Changed Geometry properties of clutter.
  • Fixed: Fixed Ulmus so AI can no longer see through it.
  • Fixed: I44 Lamp post memory light points broken.
  • Fixed: scope of two done Winter reskins.


  • Added: Soviet radio as static objects thanks to Lawz!
  • Changed: Stielhandgranate will now denotate after 4.5 seconds instead of 8.
  • Changed: made planes use non PhysX simulation for now (workaround for random jumps on flat ground).
  • Changed: re-enabled adjustable sights for AT guns.
  • Improved: FW-190 physX behaviour.
  • Fixed: StuG III sight did not move.
  • Fixed: sights from PzV.
  • Fixed: incomplete Winter reskin of GMC fuel truck.
  • Fixed: faulty Winter reskin for normal GMC fuel truck.
  • Fixed: missing Kurs MG turret sight definition for PzV and PzVI B.
  • Fixed: too high armor for a few helmets (H_LIB_SOV_TankHelmet, H_LIB_SOV_PilotHelmet, H_LIB_GER_LW_PilotHelmet).
  • Fixed: missing armor protection of IShBr vests.
  • Fixed: LIB_M2_60_Bag/Bar - Backpack doesn't have land contact level.
  • Fixed: BM13 Katyusha - Gunner door rotates windshield glass.
  • Fixed: Scout M3 doesn't display squad.xml logo on highest LOD and crew LODs.
  • Fixed: GER M42 Stahlhelm Utility Strap (Oak) displays leafs without transpacenty in some LODs.


  • Added: vehicle reskins as separate classes for editor and ZEUS use.
  • Fixed: obsolete texture in hiddenSelectionsTextures definition.
  • Fixed: faulty camo selection in soldier model.
  • Removed: reskins from Alan.
















  • Changed: moved proxies to subfolder.
  • Changed: icon definitions to be in a separate config.


  • Changed: elevationMode to be the same in the KOTH BM13 SingleFire variant.
  • Fixed: muzzle flash issue on KOTH BM13 variant.



Tech details

  • Updated: load order.
  • Updated: replaced CA optic model references with IF ones.
  • Added: classes for new CUP Winter reskins.