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Issue Reporting

Why use the issue tracker

Posting issues just in the forum/discord/steam is messy, often leads to more work for us and bad reports we cannot make much use of.

The issue tracker provides a standardized system and workflow. In other words it helps you to report in a meaningful and helps us to manage the report and assign it to the responsible persons.

It in addition you can check easily if a problem is already reported, what state the report is in and get notified about progress, questions or its resolving.

Where to report

The URL is:

We use a system called phabricator.

Sign-up first

Create yourself a new account in the top right button (arrow to a door).

Receiving updates and notifications

Phabricator notifies you about relevant activity, including your own actions. You can fine-tune your email preferences to your taste, receiving web notifications only for certain activities, or no notifications at all.

Phabricator offers several tools to receive the notifications you wish to receive.

  • If you are interested in a single object (a task, a mockup...) just click Subscribe in its page. Adding a comment will subscribe you automatically.
  • If you are interested in all the activity within a project, you can click Watch Project on the project summary page. There is more information in the Projects user guide under "Watching Projects".

You can also define in your email preferences for which specific actions (e.g. status, owner, priority or subscriber changes) in a task you would like to (not) receive notifications. Prolific users might want to reduce email settings to a minimum. As a project member, you can opt out of project mail via the Disable Mail on the project's Members page.

More at:

How to report

  1. First please use the search box in the top right to see if your issue was already posted.
  2. Create a new task with the + button in the top right.
  3. Think of a clear and descriptive ticket name first.
  4. Be short and descriptive, use a bullet point step-by-step reproducibility report in this way (use the template):
    • Reproduction steps
      • Bullet point/numbered list of what one has to do to let it happen
    • Observed
      • Describe briefly the behavior you see
    • Expected result/behavior
      • Describe briefly the behavior you expect to see instead
  5. Always attach the rpt log file of the same session (video tutorial). Consider zipping it if the size is more than 1 MB.
  6. Providing a simple demo mission (explained by the repro steps) improves your chances considerably to have the issue looked at.

At times for specific issues screenshots or short videos can be helpful.

Formatting/remarkup reference:

IMPORTANT: Priority is set only by our development team.

See also:

Don't DOs

  • Do NOT assign issues to any person.
  • Do NOT set priority.


Mark the template and copy&paste it into your ticket.

# Do this
# Do that
# Click there

It's a mess!

It should not be a mess.

Only with BLUFOR

Recommended tools

Planning boards

To get some idea our plans and priorities check out the following boards: