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Become a Tester


  • You love the WW2 setting (in Arma 3)
  • You like to find bugs
  • You are dedicated to make useful reports
  • You are motivated to help our team to improve the mod


  1. Familiarize yourself with Issue Reporting and Phabricator (wikimedia introduction) - our issue tracker system
  2. Join our discord server (get a client/app version first)
  3. Contact kju - our QA lead (kju#1917)
  4. Let him know about:
    1. Your past experience with dedicated (Arma) testing
    2. Explain your motivation to join
    3. Share some credentials on your background (Arma gaming/team/modding history)
    4. Provide a link to your steam account (to get access to the internal builds)
  5. Once accepted you will get:
    1. Read&Write access to our testing channel in discord
    2. A friend request from our dummy Steam account (Steffen.Trombke) - accept to get access to the internal builds


  1. Create an account at our issue tracker
  2. Learn how to use the dev console in Arma and basic scripting (diag_log)
  3. Get the recommended tools mentioned in Issue Reporting
  4. Work together with our QA lead Dmorok


Get the dev branch (via game updater or steam CMD and use the diag.exe to get access to the advanced commands and to create the debug.log (same location as rpt files.

Internal Builds

Subscribed to the internal builds



  1. You are NOT allowed to share these builds - not with your team, your friend or your brother or sister
  2. You are generally NOT allowed to share screenshots/videos of WIP/new content (unless permission was given)

Useful links


  • Actively follow the mod development via discord and forum
  • Contribute to testing on a more or less regular basis
  • When not available/busy let us know please
  • Willing to put the time into quality reports (see how to report)

Either the writer or the reader has to put in the effort.


  • Work directly with the dev team
  • Get access to new content and features early
  • Making the mod better yourself, your team and the WW2 community
  • Dedicated testers will get free HQ/FULL version(s) upon release