Suggest missions/game modes to be ported to IFA3

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Suggest missions/game modes to be ported to IFA3

Post by Dmorok » Sat Jan 28, 2017 10:53 am

So the deal is you guys can suggest missions or game modes you would want to play with Iron Front in Arma 3[].
The suggestions will continuously be added to a poll in here for people to vote on to express what they want to see most.

Based on received permissions, most votes, and feasibility we will port then things one by one.

Please provide a link to the release thread (to avoid confusion and make it easier to track the right one down).
Preferably it should be A3 missions, as porting from A1/A2/OA can be quite complex and a lot of effort.
Preferably it should be easy to port to new terrains.
No dependencies to other mods (except for other community made terrains are OK)
Not a plain mission just with WW2 equipment instead - strongly preferred are generic or dynamic systems.

Voting only in the BI forum thread ... d-to-ifa3/

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