GER 04 mission too difficult

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GER 04 mission too difficult

Post by kju » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:23 pm

> Barden
Arguably a super stand out in difficulty comparison to the other two missions surrounding it. I know it's possible but definitely time consuming.

> kju
Do you know you can steal vehicles? like at first one can get a Sdkfz251 and then tanks (needs the prisoners alive though)

That said it is still challenging with these, and very hard without

I have been considering to make it possible to play as sneaking type, have the first objectives optional and only reach the end of the town (one could just walk around it though, if one doesnt have to clear it in stages).
Design wise the mission should have come later imo. not sure how to salvage whats available

> Barden
It's a test of all the player's skill up until that point. I agree it should of came later but it's what we have to deal with.

My first impression is to delete the patrolling T-34 after the initial ones at the start go past to meet at that town.
Once the fixes come through that give the prisoners weapons, and the AI aim reduction/friend ai aim skill increase I believe that mission will become a whole lot more possible.

HOWEVER I believe there may be also just to many enemies.
With the clarity that there are prisoners to save such as on the tank objective players will find it easy to sneak up, kill the enemy ai and rescue them.
However there is indeed a LOT of AI there to handle with how accurate they are at the current moment.
But as you say once you free that tank crew things become easier as you said.

> kju
in the end its also mission design/what should be the goal and how can it be achieved
from what i understand the intention was some optional tasks, and to reach the other end of the town
currently the tasks are not optional (cadet mode with 2 of 4 you can attack the town), and one has to clear the town

there seem to be multiple T34 patrols in GER04 - which one do you refer to exactly? the initial ones should drive north into Baranow and leave their vehicle eventually

one could drop the tank crew requirement to be able to board the tanks, and make less tasks necessary to complete in easy mode

> Barden
The T34 patrol I refer to is the one that is left patrolling on the street after the ones you mention drive north into Baranow. There is one patrolling along the path to the Motor Depot.

I think maybe you won't need to drop the tank crew requirement unless it's last resort as it sure would make things a whole lost easier.
If it's clear that there is tank crew to capture, exactly where they are so that you can get them to a tank, then it should be golden.
Although giving player complete control for the tank is also extremely tempting as it would result in not having to adjust the enemy manpower in the mission.

Testers need to give feedback for that mission and see if completion time has reduced, and the pacing of the mission has significantly increased in order for you to progress, since definitely y as it is right now, it's the odd one out for the Wehrmacht campaign.

> kju
so for cadetMode:
- disabled the two T34 patroling from the east
- made it possible for anyone to enter the T34s at the workshop (aka no need to free the prisoners for that)
- made it possible to enter the city after complete 2 of the 4 tasks

The city should be doable as one can sneak through too.
To find the flare to signal the crate is a bit tricky. at least on cadet mode one could give a direct task waypoint

The ability to use the T34 may need to be mentioned or highlighted - cant remember if it is in some already (besides when you try to enter them)
Tried a workaround to make voices also in vehicles audiable - let see if it works out

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