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COOP version

Post by kju » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:15 pm

> canadian
To be honest, making the scenarios COOP playable would probably make a massive difference in the campaign gameplay. In a positive way ofc.
On the other hand - I feel there's way too many scripts to be optimized so they can work with MP / dedicated server environment.
In my opinion option #2 would be the less invasive one.

> kju
The campaign COOP version is not feasible within the time frame unfortunately. I could get it done by itself, yet i have way too many other things to take care of in addition.
As such to polish the SP versions is the highest prio first.
Arma itself is quite challenging to new players by itself. The campaigns were designed with a learning curve in mind, yet its still quite steep from what i can tell.
Playing in COOP would make some things easier, however COOP only isnt the goal either.

> Jaki
focusing on current campaigns first imo. I know we already talked about possibility of COOP, but like canadian said I would keep IF campaigns as they are, and maybe create a new one just like BI introduced with Apex.
I also asked input from other mission designers but got no reply, so would be nice to actually know what they are working on and if they are willing to help out with campaigns

> kju
well dont get me wrong - i still plan to make them COOP playable eventually (given time, prios and being able to) - in general most of the missions are well suited.
however to turn the sqf coding fully MP compatible is not simple. i already did a lot of preparation work, yet the biggest challenge with this is testing in the end

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