[WW2][EU] 9th Panzer division Hohenstaufen

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[WW2][EU] 9th Panzer division Hohenstaufen

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:: About 9. Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen"

We aim to emulate the daily life of a Soldier in a mechanized Infantry Company by utilizing the knowledge of veteran reenactors, history enthusiasts and milsim gamers alike. We try to potray each individual soldier by offering a vast array of historically accurate uniforms, helmets and weapons that come from public and private mods created by our dedicated mod team. We do not see the individual as just another name, but as an integral part of the Company, he has a history and a future that depends on the individual himself. Contributions made in and out of combats will be merited and bravery will be rewarded.

:: We strive

to provide our members the most immersive missions and engagements possible within the limitations of our mod selection and the Arma 3 engine by taking inspiration from actual combat footage and stories.

:: Our dedicated

Our dedicated modding team has created some of the most realistic uniforms, smocks and headwear, using the expertise of historical reenactors and history enthusiasts within our ranks. Our Company tailor even creates custom uniforms and smocks based on the request of each soldier.

::Our Community

spans back several years now, having started in Arma 2. Through various iterations in the World War 2 MILSIM community, we have now reached the pinnacle with the 9. Pz-Div. Our Members are from all around the world and have diverse backgrounds but all indulge in the same goal: to experience World War 2 in all its grittiness.


  • Region/Timezone/Main gaming time

20:30 CEST
  • Monday : Training / Ausbildung
    Tuesday : Free
    Wednesday : Training / Ausbildung
    Thursday : Free
    Friday : Operation / Mission
    Saturday : Free
    Sunday : Free

  • Main language(s)

We speak English with some German words like Hinlegen (Lay down), Schützenkette (Skirmish line) and etc

:: Career options

  • Zug

Funker (Radio operator)
Melder (Messenger)

  • Gruppe

Gruppenführer (Squad leader)
Stv. Gruppenführer (As Squad leader)
MG-Schütze (Machinegunner)
MG-Hilfsschütze (Assistant Machinegunner)
Panzergrenadier (Rifleman)
Kw. Fahrer (Vehicle Driver)
Kw. Beifahrer (Assistant Vehicle Driver)

  • Sanitätsabteilung

Gruppenführer (Squad leader)
Sanitätssoldat (Combat medic)
Sanitätssoldat (Combat medic)

  • Panzer

Panzerkommandant (Tank commander)
Richtschütze (Gunner)
Lader (Loader)
Fahrer (Driver)
:: Contact

  • Teamspeak IP : fr01.gameservers.com:9131

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W. Silver
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Post by W. Silver » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:24 am

Pictures from the from the first misison on the Normandy campaign





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Post by kju » Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:31 pm

pretty cool :geek:

PS: make sure to share them also in our discord ;)

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