Interest to help play-testing?

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Interest to help play-testing?

Post by kju » Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:16 am

We are looking for dedicated people to provide feedback for the ported and upgraded Iron Front campaigns to Arma 3.

  • Some time to play-test and especially dedication to provide written feedback
  • Willingness to provide meaningful and somewhat structured reports. See: How to report and Template
  • Preferably some kind of track record providing feedback to games or community work
  • Join our discord and contact kju#1917 via direct message
  • Sign up on this forum (PM account name and your mail addy to kju)
  • An account on trello
Less relevant:
  • Having played the campaigns in Iron Front already
  • Skill level/Arma experience of any kind is fine
  • Any background in SP/PvP/PvE is all useful to provide different perspectives
Download and install guide:
Provided in discord.

General notes:
  • Presentation polish has not yet been done for the most part
  • Focus is on play-ability and enjoyment
  • COOP version is planned but not initially - hence feedback on this is still most welcome

Feedback and issue reporting:
Discussions and more complex suggestions are done via a dedicated forum section.

Mission specific issues via these trello boards:
Wehrmacht campaign
Soviet campaign
COOP and DM missions

General points via these trello boards:
Playable content general
Campaigns general
Campaigns MP specifics
Playable content MP general

Useful feedback:

Please report anything that comes to mind:
  • Gameplay wise
  • Difficulty related
  • Mission logic/flow unclear or issues
  • Confusing situations
  • Light conditions problems
  • Bad performance
  • AI behavior with cars and tanks
  • What helpers to introduce (see here for more)
  • Overall: ideas, bugs, questions, suggestions, requests
  • Any anything else on your mind
Not yet addressed are mission intros and outros, performance issues (for the most part), difficulty (for the most part).

Please one card per topic/task/issue.

Feel free to comment also on existing cards, and dont forget the dedicated forum section for discussions or more complex issues.

Live play&feedback session:

We want to follow you with screen sharing try one or a few campaign missions - watching primarily but also be available for questions, or be able to give guidance if necessary - this would help us immensely get a better sense of the state of the experience and what we need to improve.

IFA3 Dev.
Posts: 284
Joined: Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:35 pm

Post by kju » Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:33 am

Further testing notes:
  • The first two missions are bootcamp/tutorial - they are the most tightly scripted and thus most likely to break or not work as intended.
  • Report text-voice mismatches or general text or voice wording issue
  • Your use cheats/dev console to make it easier or yourself invulnerable to focus only on follow the mission flow and story.
If you want to skip a campaign mission/move on to later ones, there are two options:
2) Use endMission "END1" sqf command in some dev console


Download:!pksyAYrL!x16ht3_cFgis ... sDw6Cxt12w
  • Better console (more fields) and available everywhere
  • Player invulnerability
  • Fatigue disabled by default
  • Unit positions in map view
  • Minimap (n for toggle)
  • Map click beaming
  • Instant map (shift/alt+m for old)
  • Time accel 4x by default (- and =)
  • Fast movement regardless of time acceleration by default (player useAudioTimeForMoves false; to disable)

Code: Select all

//Skip cutscene
LIB_Debug_SkipCameraScene = true;

//Skip camera in cutscenes
LIB_Debug_SkipCameraTransition = true;

// Invulnerable
cursorTarget allowDamage false
{_x allowDamage false; vehicle _x allowDamage false} forEach (units group player)
{if (side _x == playerSide) then {_x allowDamage false; vehicle _x allowDamage false}} forEach (allUnits + vehicles)

// Kill/destroy
cursorTarget setDammage 1
cursorObject setDammage 1
{if (side _x != playerSide) then {_x setDamage 1}} forEach (position player nearObjects 250)

// Continue to run endlessly
player enableFatigue false;

// Skip current and continue to next mission
endMission "end1"

  • Always upload the rpt log
  • Make good reports (brief, bullet point, observer vs expected, repro steps)
  • Screenshots can help (also from tasks to see where you are in missions) - sometimes also simple video recordings

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