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US Tank Destroyers

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 7:15 pm
by Cappareli
US Tank Destroyers. I am part of an Armored Unit, as a Tank Commander I personally would love to see some US Tank Destroyers come into play. It would allow us to apply new tactics and techniques to deal with the Germans Armor. Tanks I would love to be able to have in my armament include...

M10 Wolverine
( ... mor_id=110)
M18 Hellcat - This would be the most common of the three tanks.
( ... mor_id=250)
M36 Jackson
( ... mor_id=251)

I have heard how hard it is to do these tanks due to their open top design. However, If someone was to work on some of these tanks or even just port an arma 2 version. I feel like many people would like and utlize them. Thanks for your time.