23. Panzer Divison

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23. Panzer Divison

Post by GenghisSteve » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:12 pm

23. Panzer Divison
Who are we?
The 23rd Panzer division is a realism unit portraying the 23.PzD of the Wermacht.
We are a large scale unit typically operating at platoon level but as we expand we plan to begin company level operations.
Our main focus is on accurately portraying motorised/mechanised infantry in Arma 3, from the weapons and specials to the tactics and commands given. Training in the unit is based on the manuals of the time so you can rest assured your experience will be as close to what the real soldiers of the time went though.

Over a decade of experience
WWII games are not a new thing, nor are any that approach realistic combat to some degree. Many of our leadership are long-time realism gamers, dedicated reenactors, prior or active servicemen, or well-versed historians. In-game skill is not as much focused on compared to a genuine interest in the second world war and to getting the portrayal done right.

With such an intense and deep background, you’ll be able to find an extremely stable and active community to bond with.

What do we do: Our unit strives to provide the most realistic experience possible in ARMA 3, to this end we organise large scale campaigns with shifting front lines and the ever present need for supply. We also take part in PvP Skirmishes with other units in both historical and a-historical engagements!

So whether as a new Soldat or an Enemy across the line, we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

Times: Our platoon level training takes place at 7GMT on Sunday with Gruppe level training's taking place during the week.
Primary Language: The bulk of the unit are native English speakers, most of the orders you will recive will be in German and we also now contain a sizeable minority of native German speakers.
Website: http://www.diekampfgruppe.org/
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/23Panz ... ion-public

Gerhard Homuth
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Post by Gerhard Homuth » Tue May 30, 2017 5:15 pm

The 23. Panzer Division is looking for new recruits!

As we are nearing a new France 1940 campaign the 23. Panzer Division is looking for new recruits to get our Gruppen to full combat strenght. I'm looking for up to 3 mature people to fill positions in my Gruppe (squad) able to play in the 6-9pm GMT (19:00-22:00 CEST) timeslot on Wednesdays and Sundays. You will receive a training to make you familiar with how our realism unit works and learn authentic wehrmacht tactics. PM me if you are interested!

The 23PzD operates one Zug consisting of a Zugtrupp and three Gruppen (36 active members). We run a persistent campaign on Sunday while we use one other weekday for training. We also play PVP battles against other realism units on occasion.


Obergefreiter Homuth
Truppenführer, 2. Gruppe
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