[EU] 101st Airborne Division,502nd PIR,Company Easy

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[EU] 101st Airborne Division,502nd PIR,Company Easy

Post by Graf-Maximus » Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:46 am

Welcome to the forum's thread of 101st Airborne Division,502nd PIR,Company Easy Unit!

General Information

We are an Arma 3 unit about the 101st Airborne Division! We play Coop's , PVE's with friendly community. In our unit we have rp,so on the battlefield you will feel yourself like a real soldier! You will fight from the fields of Normandy till German Rivers. We have our special atmosphere so you will enjoy your playing.

Main Rules

► You must understand commands on English

► You must have a legal copy of ArmA 3

► You must to have all mods and to have team speak with task force (officers or nco will help you with installing)

► You must be adequate person

► You need to be active in our squad,you need to try to come at least on 1 event per week

►You must obey to people which have higher rank than you

►You must say to your leader if you are going afk,and you need for how long

►You must say to your leader if you see a enemy and ask his order

►You should name a leader sir if he have rank since sergeant,if he have a lower rank than sergeant,you should name him by his rank, example: "Corporal Dixon" [NOT IMPORTANT RULE]

►Be friendly and help to each other


ImageMain Leader of the Unit
ImageSteam Group of the Unit

Good Luck on the Battlefield Soldier!

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