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The Commonwealth

Post by Adamiiii » Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:00 pm

About us
The Commonwealth is our server project which focuses on the nations of Commonwealth, from which we can distinguish Great Britain, Canada, British Raj, Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland and more.
We came through many reforms, starting as a unsuccessful WWII unit back in 2016, and because of that - we closed down.
Back in late May 2017, we decided to reactivate our unit because of upcoming Airborne Update for IFA3 mod.
We changed to a modern unit in early July, and we quickly got to know that we regret that. After two weeks, we decided to come back and finally settle down as The Commonwealth.

Our gameplay preferences
Our main focus is CooP and relaxed simulation.
Our missions are mostly based on history, but we also do missions that are made with pure fiction.

Languages used
We require communicative English in our ranks, but we also plan on making a section for Polish speakers in the future, due to many members of our unit speaking it as their native language.

Timezone and main gaming time
We mostly play at 6 PM according to GMT+1 timezone (GMT+2 at Summer) every two-three days. We always announce dates of our upcoming missions at our forums.

Contact & More info
You can contact me directly on Steam at
Our website can be found at
Steam announcement group

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