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Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:42 pm
by Dmorok

Q: can we expect a full version release on the workshop?
A: We are working on it, but its a complicated situation.
Q: tell my how I get the FULL Version.
A: We recommend you to wait until we manage to bring IFA3 FULL natively to workshop.
Q: Will you be adding stuff from the ArmA2 I44 mod?
A: i44 makes their own A3 port
Q: are you guys working on the mod or you just put it on the workshop for easy access?
A: both
Q: Are the british in the game?
A: No. British - > FoW mod
Q: does the lite version come with @IFA3 @IFA3SA @IFA3M @IF @LIB_DLC_1
A: yes. they are inside merged to one modfolder
Q: Hello can i make the textures look better somehow?
A: via reskins/retex
Q: There is no single-player missions?
A: The IF game missions and campaigns don't work in A3 and would require a lot of work. We have no intention to port them for now.
Q: Will the Full version need Iron Front in my Steam library when it comes out?
A: not yet decided by rights holders