All 5 AI crew inside Tanks

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All 5 AI crew inside Tanks

Post by foxsch » Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:06 pm

I have come across a problem. I hope I am posting in the right place, if not I'll happily re-post.
Using the commands 'MoveinGunner' / 'MoveinCommander' / 'MoveinCargo' / 'MoveinTurret' and also the extended:

unit MoveinGunner [targetVehicle, eg4];

I can only order the AI to fill 3 spaces in an IFA3 Tiger tank.

I tried the same on different IFA3 Tanks with the same result.
I also tried placing a 'GetinNearest' waypoint to the other two potential crewmates but this did not work either.
The remaining two crew members of the Tank can only be ordered to 'Ride in Back' of the Tank.

Their positions should be 'MachineGunner' and 'Loader'.

I would really like this Tank to arrive at the location I can specify in the Mission with the five full crew members inside the Tank so that all 5 can eject and report to their CO.

It just doesn't look right if the 'MachineGunner' and 'Loader' are joyriding the back engine space of the Tank as they arrive.

This is easily duplicated, and I would appreciate any help - Cheers! :geek:
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Post by kju » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:48 pm

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