Preview v39 is out

Official announcements by IFA3 Team.
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Preview v39 is out

Post by kju » Tue Apr 28, 2020 1:09 pm


WW2 Wiki: Download

WW2 Wiki: IFA3 Changelog

Much thanks to Kerc his massive efforts to polish, fix and improve the mod, as well as for the contributions of Jokoho, DontShootMe and the rest of the team to assist for this long overdue QoL update!

Special mention to our community translators to help improve the localized version: Valkyrie, MaxP, michipower, Pedro Medeiros and Klaus Hoffmann!

### Highlights ###

  • Added: ability to order command target or command fire also for driver position when the player is effectiveCommander and can turn the head.

  • Changed: adjusted recoil and kickback of most weapons (SMGs and bolts are untouched).
  • Changed: removed massive recoil reduction when resting or deployed. From 0.2 -> 0.5 (default).
  • Updated: Venom RagdollOverhaul to latest version (to minimize infantry flinching and body flipping into the air).

  • Added: two new King Tiger camo variants by DontShootMe!
  • Added: no zimmerit normal map for Panzer IV H by DontShootMe!
  • Added: late k98 texture rework by DontShootMe!
  • Added: green and winter texture variants for Austin K5 truck.



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Post by kju » Mon May 11, 2020 6:57 am

Dear Arma 3 Community,

Recently it was brought to our attention that a series of models used in our project was, in fact, the intellectual property of multiple third parties. Upon identifying the offending material we have taken all the steps to remove all of it from the IFA3 project effective immediately.

After an internal investigation, we have concluded that one of the members of our team has acted in a manner contrary to what we believe in. With works being presented as his own despite being based off of others. We feel it is now impossible to maintain our relationship with this artist and will, effective immediately, seek to remove all his work from our project, regardless if original IP or not.

We at the IFA3 team are fervent supporters of IP rights and take matters of IP violations very seriously. The works of our contributors are vetted and checked to the best of our abilities to ensure that such violations do not occur. Yet, This event has highlighted our need to be more stringent in our vetting process going forward.

We would like to reassure everyone that at no point did anyone within the IFA3 team knowingly seek to mislead, circumvent IP rights or deceive the community.
The team knows all too well the difficulties and frustrations involved when it comes to protecting your intellectual property and we are deeply saddened that we find ourselves at the center of this issue.

To ensure that everything involved in the IFA3 project is being used legally and respecting other artists’ work., we’ve already begun conducting further rigorous checks on all models and assets.
If any further assets should be found to be of questionable origins, they will be removed from the project without hesitation.

It would be easy to say that with a project this size, things can ‘slip through the net’. However, we do not believe this to be an acceptable excuse and we admit that we should have ensured that this was not possible.
All of our team want to apologize to those artists, teams and projects whose work was taken from them and used in our project without their consent nor our knowledge: we are sincerely sorry.

We ask for your patience and understanding whilst we conduct this review. Due to the scale of the project and its team, it will take some time to ensure that all aspects have been checked thoroughly.

Thank you for your continued support throughout these years.

Best regards,

The IFA3 Team

IFA3 Dev.
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Post by kju » Mon May 11, 2020 6:59 am

Due to the removal of models, the following assets will be unavailable for a certain time. The configs are not gone so you can still inherit from their classnames in your mission/mod but the models are gone. For example, British AIs will still be able to shoot bare handed.

Weapons :

Code: Select all

* LIB_Sten_Mk2
* LIB_Sten_Mk5
* LIB_LeeEnfield_No4
* LIB_LeeEnfield_No4_Scoped
* LIB_LeeEnfield_No1
* LIB_M1918A2_BAR
* LIB_Bren_Mk2
* LIB_PIAT_Rifle
* LIB_FG42
Accessories :

Code: Select all

* LIB_ACC_P1903_Bayo
* LIB_ACC_No4_Mk2_Bayo
* LIB_M1918A2_BAR_Bipod
Magazines :

Code: Select all

* LIB_32Rnd_9x19_Sten
* LIB_30Rnd_770x56
* LIB_20Rnd_762x63
* LIB_1Rnd_89m_PIAT
* LIB_1Rnd_89m_G_PIAT
Vehicles :

Code: Select all

* LIB_SdKfz234 (series)
* LIB_SdKfz222
* LIB_AustinK5 (series)
* LIB_JU52
* LIB_Crusader_Mk3
* LIB_Crusader_Mk1AA
The replacement process has already started. We will come with further information about this.

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