Preview v20 is out

Official announcements by IFA3 Team.
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Preview v20 is out

Post by kju » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:00 pm



This is mainly a maintainance update but also an unplanned surprise from our audio designers. 


* Added: new infantry weapon sound framework by Megagoth1702, LAxemann and alex_fncypnts!
* Added: PhysX simulation halftracks (fixes also the crash from collision with another PhysX object) thanks to Shvetz, El Tyranos, as well as some advice by RedPhoenix and reyhard!
* Fixed: groups to work again in ZEUS (assigned side to individual groups as workaround - BI fix it! ).

New infantry weapon sounds demonstrations by alex_fncypnts

New infantry weapon sounds detailed demonstration by Petyr Baelish

New soundscape teasers by LAxemann

New soundscape teaser by stabcon

PhysX halftrack teaser by stabcon

Much thanks to Gunther.S for further gameplay improvement contributions and to our new team members
Jaki and Mr_Harding for the active assistance with testing as well Schweinyy and JK from our testing team!

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