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Preview v18 is out

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:58 pm
by kju


This is another bigger update and the first I44 assets content update.


* Added: I44 US tanks (M3 and M5 Stuart tanks, M3A4 76 and HVSS Shermans, M4A4 Firefly VC Sherman and M8 Greyhound) by Invasion 1944 team!
* Added: new sniper scopes by Lennard!
* Changed: replaced PPSh41 magazine switch system to an improved and generic system thanks to Kerc!
* Improved: scripted systems are no longer limited to LIB infantry classes (empty magazine ping, bazooka backblast, rifle grenades, rocket dispersion, throwing/shrapnels).

Major kudos to yet another incredible effort by El Tyranos, along with the contributions by Lennard,
as well Dmorok, our QA lead, along with our newly joined testers - special mention to Schweinyy and JK!