Preview v15 is out

Official announcements by IFA3 Team.
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Preview v15 is out

Post by kju » Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:56 pm



This is a smaller update of things to come - thanks to El Tyranos and Lennard!


* Added: iron sighted M1903A4 Springfield.
* Added: scarfs by Lennard!
* Added: US Tank crew uniform is back.
* Added: T34/85 3D Cupola.
* Added: T34/76 3D Cupola.
* Added: StuGIII 3D Cupola.
* Added: Pz.VIE 3D Cupola.
* Added: Pz.VIB 3D Cupola.
* Added: Pz.V 3D Cupola.
* Added: Pz.IVH 3D Cupola.
* Added: JS2 3D Cupola.
* Added: Sherman gun vertical gyrostabilizer.
* Added: US Winter faction.
* Updated: bolting system to new implementation by reyhard! (works now also for non IFA3 infantry classes)

Special thanks also to reyhard once again, as well as to Alan, volsukh,
Kerc, Rowdy, and Ba5terD for testing and feedback to improve tanks further!

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